Distribution System


Cleantouch General Distribution System  v.1.0

News Alert! All business of distribution will now have complete control over finance & inventory using Cleantouch General Distribution System - Professional Edition. User can track records of pending orders, physical stock, stock at salesman, stock at ...

Goalbit media player  v.0.7.7

Goalbit media player is a peer to peer distribution system, capable of distributing high-bandwidth live-content to all network peers preserving its perceived quality. This software follows the multi-source approach where the stream is decomposed into ...


OpenDSS 7.4.3 B13  v.13

OpenDSS is an easy-to-use, handy and very accessible electric power Distribution System Simulator. The applicationw as specially developed to support distributed resource integration and grid modernization efforts.

Distribution via Pull  v.1.0

DistPull is a software distribution system. It is designed to allow unattended updates of local and remote systems in a safe manner, with the abilty to roll back an update.It is written in Unix/Linux shell, so it is portable to most systems.

Panel  v.2.0

) in an electric power distribution system in accordance with the National Electric Code. In addition, panel schedules for general purpose panels, motor control centers, and switchboards can be printed. Panel allows the designer to define an electrical ...

Veetle Broadcaster Plugin  v.0.9.4

Veetle is a peer to peer video distribution system. By visiting its site you can watch live HD streaming content that the members of this community host in their own computers. If you want, you can join this community and, through a special ...

Intergraph SmartPlant Electrical  v.

Design and maintain a safe, reliable power distribution system from load identification to plant startup. Fast-track project execution for engineering companies and lower operational risk for plant owners are keys to business success, and Intergraph can ...

Coalesys Internet NewsWire  v.1. 1. 1981

The Coalesys Internet NewsWire is a customizable news distribution system built upon web technologies. It uses the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) to deliver Windows XP-style popup messages to the system tray of your listeners. The product contains ...

Drumlin PDF Secure Reader  v.5.0

Drumlin provides a unique, cost-impactful, fast and highly secure PDF control and distribution system. It can be used by any organisation or individual with private or valuable documents. It includes a free PDF reader with built-in PDF military-strength ...

OpenDSS  v.7.4.3 Build 13

The Open Distribution System Simulator (OpenDSS, or simply, DSS) is a comprehensive electrical system simulation tool for electric utility distribution systems. OpenDSS technically refers to the open-source implementation of the DSS. It is implemented ...

FeedTree Web Proxy  v.0.7.2

FeedTree is a peer-to-peer distribution system for Web news feeds. By sharing the burden of distributing feed updates, the overall bandwidth required to serve a feed is decreased; at the same time, clients see updates sooner with FeedTree. The client ...

OpenCDS  v.0.1

OpenCDS is an open-source content distribution system written by the developers of OpenFrag. It allows you to download, manage, and run (open-source and commercial)software via the OpenCDS system.

OpenRDS - Java clustering framework  v.1.1.beta

OpenRDS (Open Requisition Distribution System) is a framework written in Java/RMI conceived for making requisition-based distributed systems (clustering) easy to develop/manage. It's design emphasizes robustness, simplicity and scalability.

Lead Generator Software System  v.1 1

Lead Generator Software System for managing and selling high quality leads to local and national businesses. 100% automated system. Lead generation companies can manage unlimited leads for any industry with this lead generator software. Tested and refined ...

Rentavillas Property Management System  v.1 8

Features include:

* Property database
* User definable property amenities
* Property photos
* Property unit photos
* On line (GDS based) reservation system
* Ability to book your properties online via the On line Booking Engine from all of the Rentavillas Network Web sites
* Optional, Independent Booking Engine, that can integrated into your own web site
* Ability
* User definable rates structure
* Availability calendar
* On line credit card processing
* Account Management
o Income
o Expense
o Charges
o Discounts
o Taxes
o User profile access controls
o GDS (Global Distribution System ? the ...

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