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Game Key Revealer  v.

- Displays over 1000 games
- Save to Text or Word (Word XP and above)
- Print

Supported Operating Systems:
All Windows 32-bit Systems

- All liability is relating ...

Ziggy TV Pro  v.4.2

Displays Over 3000 Television Channels, the Fastest Movies, TV Shows, Radio, Music Videos, Live Radio, and Fun Games. Ziggy TV is an award winning program that downloads movies, tv shows, music videos, live radio, and fun games. Users can also search ...


AnyBook 4: Publisher's Business Kit  v.10 3

AnyBook IV is designed for medium, small and self-publishers, being able to generate invoices and billing statements, keep track of inventory, handle book returns, produce sales reports, record customer payments, track consignment items, and create mailing lists.

AnyBook is available in two series: Classic Series and Professional Series. The Professional Series is the result of years of research and development and is made up of the premier versions of AnyBook. This is state of the art business software. The Professional Series consists of six editions: Level I, II, III, IV, V and VI. Each higher level provides more options and a larger range of features. The Professional Series programs are designed specifically for newer operating systems and all new development and enhancements occur with the Professional Series.

The Level IV is a feature-rich program designed for active publishing businesses.

With the Level IV Program, you can process on-line shipments at such websites as UPS, USPS, FedEx and others. On-line forms are automatically filled for you.

Among other on-line tasks, you can create shipping labels, schedule pick-ups and provide customer notification. The Level IV program comes with an innovative early warning system which signals you when inventory levels fall low.

It also has the ability to calculate sales commissions, track ad campaigns, and handle variable tax rates and it has over a dozen of new reports ...

Space Weather  v.

Space Weather app includes the following:

* Real-time solar storm status
* Live Tiles
* Reports and displays over 50 real-time measurements, reports, and readings or data
* RSS Feeds
* real-time alerts, reports, and predictions ...

MacHouse Quotes Pro 2 ScreenSaver  v.6.3.8

It is a screen saver that displays over 275 random, uplifting quotes on your screen. I made the screen saver originally just for me. The screen saver contains some of my most-loved quotes. When I was sitting around with my friends one night brain storming ...

Mac HelpMate  v.3.0

In recent tests, Mac HelpMate easily handled remote control of a system with two 30-inch Cinema Displays over a DSL connection. To share or control a Mac there's nothing to install on the client machine outside of Mac HelpMate itself (you can even run ...

A-10 Thunderbolt Screen Saver for Wide Screen Displays

The A-10 Thunderbolt Screen Saver contains more than 90 16:9 Hi-Definition pictures that will stretch to match the screen resolution on your wide screen monitor. Over a dozen visual effects can appear between images. Plus, each of the photos can be displayed ...

USB over Network (Client)  v.

USB over Network (Client) is a far better remote automation utility that will bridge your distance for using any USB drive from anywhere. With this application installed in your system you can configure any USB drive so that you can work remotely with ...

USB over Network (Server)  v.9.1006.3017

Work with the remote USB devices over a local network or Internet as if they were connected directly to your local PC. Moreover, this functionality can be easily integrated into your software. USB device appears on the remote computer as if the device ...

PPP over Ethernet Protocol  v.0.98.715

This is a PPP over Ethernet (short: PPPoE) implementation for Microsoft Windows. PPPoE as a method for establishing PPP connections through Ethernet adapters is described in RFC 2516 and is used by many Internet Service Providers to allow authentication ...

USBDeviceShare - Share USB over Network  v.

USBDeviceShare lets you share USB devices and access them remotely over network (LAN or internet). Using this software, USB devices connected to remote computers (in local area network or internet) can be accessed as if they are locally plugged in. Applications ...

Video Over Fiber Test  v.2.14

The Thor Broadcast Video Over Fiber test system is used to determine if the Thor Broadcast Video Over Fiber Transmitter and Receiver systems are working properly. The test system uses a network protocol to determine if the host is up. If the host talks ...

Split PST Over 2GB  v.2.2

When ANSI Outlook PST file increased its size over 2 GB, then PST file automatically gets corrupt. In this situation you can easily trust on split PST tool of PCVITA which can split PST over 2GB file. Software has three advance options to split PST over ...

Head Over Heels  v.1.0

This is the newest remake of the classic 8-bit isometric 3D adventure game Head Over Heels. It took us 2 years to complete it and we hope you like it!Head Over Heels was released, um, a while ago. Around about 1987 if I recall correctly, and it was immediately ...

USB over Ethernet Connector  v.6.2

With USB over Ethernet Connector you will never experience any issues accessing and using the USB devices that are plugged into remote computers. You can work with those devices as if they were physically connected to your local machine. All that is needed ...

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