Display Brightness Manager


Dual Display Mouse Manager  v.1.1

Dual Display Mouse Manager (DDMM) is a software made for people who use dual display (several monitors). It prevents the mouse from crossing from one screen to another too easily
The software basically prevents the mouse from crossing from one screen ...

Display Resolution Manager  v.3 7

Display Resolution Manager is simple, yet much needed computer utility that allows each user to set preferred screen resolution. Each time a user logs in, screen resolution, color gamma, brightness and contrast preferences automatically get set to the ...


SimBust Note Manager  v.2 4

It is a simple yet robust personal information manager (PIM) application that allows you to easily edit, view, and organize your personal notes, memos, thoughts, passwords, ideas, diaries, journals and so on. Rich in functionality and content display, ...

PowPlan  v.1.0

Left click to change screen brightness. Written in Delphi 6 while mostly drunk. Change power plans fast and easy.PowPlan Features:
1. Right click to switch between available power plans
2. Left click to alter display brightness
3. Shows battery ...

Aiseesoft DVD to Creative Zen Converter  v.4.0.10

This best DVD to Creative Zen, Zen V Plus Converter provides you professional experience with clear-cut user interface to convert DVD to Zen along with comprehensive optimized editing functions such as ripping DVD's any segment, adjusting video Brightness, Contrast, removing ...

Aiseesoft DVD to MP4 Converter  v.6.2.22

Edit video effect
You can adjust the display brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and volume. And the Deinterlacing function can help you convert interlaced video to a progressive one to get better video quality.

3. Trim DVD
You ...

IovSoft DVD Ripper Ultimate  v.

Display effect editing
Different people have different needs about the display. iovSoft DVD Ripper Ultimate offers you options for adjusting the display brightness, contrast and saturation. If you like different visual enjoyment such as ...

4Videosoft Mac iPad 2 Video Converter  v.5.0.28

Multiple Editing Functions for Satisfaction to Personal Demand
4Videosoft iPad 2 Video Converter allows you to adjust the display brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and volume.
With the merge function, you could collect several video files ...

Eahoosoft DVD to MOV Converter  v.2 1

crop video, adjust the display brightness, contrast and saturation to get special effects.

PwrDrain  v.0.1

This means that if you start doing something thats power intensive, like turning on WiFi, turning up the display brightness, or plugging in lots of USB devices, youll be alerted immediately about the increased consumption.

NetworkLocation  v.3.1.4

List of action: * Change the Default Printer * Change the Desktop Picture * Change the Display Brightness * Change the Screensaver Settings * Change the System Location * Change the Timezone * Change the Volume * Connect to Server * Control Airport ...

BattCursor  v.1.2

BattCursor shows the battery charge in percent directly under the mouse cursor, and offers many other battery-saving features, among others, dim down the display brightness for inactivity, automatically disable the Windows Sidebar and Aero Glass and ...

DarkAdapted for Windows  v.3.0.1

* Reducing display brightness OCo turn down the brightness with a touch of a hotkey or at scheduled times. * Reducing monitor/display hum or buzz OCo a common cause is running an LCD backlight at less than 100% brightness. Turn the backlight to 100%, ...

DVD neXt COPY Blu-ray Converter  v.7.0.0

* Exact Video and Image Settings Improve video quality by manually adjusting display brightness, contrast and saturation. * Real-Time Preview To avoid errors and mistakes, preview and compare the original video from the converted video in the built-in ...

ImElfin Blu-ray Ripper  v.

In order to improve the output videos' quality, you can manually adjust display brightness, contrast and saturation.

Key Features:

1).Easy to use, this tool's interface is very concise and friendly with users' operations. Only need ...

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