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Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery  v.

The transition is complete! Disk Drill, an expert in data recovery, finally comes from Mac infrastructure to any Windows computer near you.

Disk Drill is a free professional-grade file recovery software, it values the importance of your data ...

Disk Drill Media Recovery  v.1.3

Disk Drill is a powerful data recovery software designed exclusively for Mac. Unlike several only picture-oriented recovery tools, Disk Drill Media Recovery is capable of getting any lost data back from any external disk you can mount to your Mac: USB ...


Disk Drill  v.3.0.748

Disk Drill is a data recovery software for Mac OS X, it can recover your data from virtually any storage device, including internal and external disks, USB flash drives, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, etc. Disk Drill is also packed with ...

Disk Drill for Windows  v.2.0.253

Disk Drill is a free do-it-yourself data recovery software for Windows. It will run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. If you accidentally deleted critical documents, music, movies, photo or other files from your computer, Disk Drill can help. It combines ...


A powerful and time-saving addition to Windows Explorer, FileTracer allows you to instantly locate, list and open files in all the folders on your hard disk by name, date and/or file type. Uses a unique file catalog which mirrors the file system and allows ...


Search for Unicode characters by name, code and category using the built in Unicode Character Browser. Optionally type characters as html entities. Works from within any Windows program.

AHD ID3 Tag Editor  v.1.0.4451.18819

* Also you can delete selected files from the disk as well, to do this, go to Edit>Delete from disk or press Del + Shift . Caution: deleted file doesn't go to recycle bin, it will be deleted forever.2. Quick edit:
Open a mp3 file, edit ID3v1 ...

DEKSI Network Monitor  v.12.3

DEKSI Network Monitor generates a list of monitored devices and assigns default checks to all hosts that found, and allows adding a variety of other checks, such as:
* TCP port
* File Existence
* ICMP ping
* Service State
* Port on switch
* Database server (ODBC)
* MS SQL Server
* MySQL Server
* File Size
* Folder existence
* Process Existence
* File size
* Disk space
* Error ...

Multi-Copy Tools  v.

It can batch copy, move or synchronize folders and files, run from USB, compare source with target folders details, easily modify task order and add disk Volume name to folder to identify disk, while also having a file name and type filter and a folder ...

Honestech Photo DVD  v.2.0

From importing pictures from digital cameras to watching video photo shows on TV or computer, Photo DVD makes building memories a snap!

[Edit Mode]
1) Photo import from digital camera
2) Organize slideshow pictures
3) Photo editing & titling
4) Add music or narration
5) Voice over capture screens (microphone required)
6) Preview function
7) Play time window
8) Save and load the project
9) Select a picture for the thumbnail

[Authoring Mode]
1) Menu selection screens
2) Add titling
3) Make each page unique
4) Preview function
5) Customize page navigation arrows
6) Can add the picture for background

[Burning Mode]
1) Honestech's DVD burning software included
2) NTSC or PAL compatible
3) Video output formats as Media (VCD, SVCD, mini-DVD and DVD)
4) Video output formats as file (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, DV-AVI and WMV)
5) Customize disk file name
6) Temp ...

Muse (code name)  v.0.8.653

Muse (code name) is developed by Adobe and it's aimed at creating websites easily as you create layouts for print.
With Muse(code name) you can design and publish original HTML pages to the latest web standards without writing code.
You can ...

ZIP+4 USA ZIP Code Database - Premium

The database includes ZIP Code, +4 Code, +4 Range, City, Record Type, Carrier Route ID, Street Predirectional, Street Name, Street Suffix, Street Postdirectional, Add. Primary Low Num, Add. Primary High Num, Add. Primary Odd Even, Bldg. or Firm Name, ...

NT Disk Viewer

Disk Viewer allows users to display hard-disk data by physical sectors (in hex-code or ascii). Sectors can be copied and exported to files. Portable as it uses a single exe file, have a very simple, user-friendly interface. The program designed for developers ...

Mexico Postal Code Platinum Edition

The database includes postal code, city name,
colony name, municipal name, state abbreviation, state name, latitude and longitude, time zone and area code in
Mexico. The complete database contains over 66,000 records with 28,000 unique postal ...

Canadian Postal Code Mixed Case Database

The Canadian postal codes database includes Postal code, uppercase and mixed case city name, province name,
phone area code, timezone, elevation, population, latitude, longitude and street name in Canada. The complete
database contains over ...

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