Disable Ctrl Alt Del


Ctrl+Alt+Del  v.

Ctrl Alt Del Comic Viewer - watch CAD anywhere!

Watch newest comics, or see how it all began - its up to you. You can share best comics on Facebook, add to favorites, or save it to your gallery! Pinch to zoom, see other people comment's about ...

Ctrl Alt Delete  v.1.0

???? Free for a limited time, download today ????Ctrl Alt Delete is the ultimate fallback application for when things go awry. With a familiar hotkey combination that has saved billions of computer users around the world, Ctrl Alt Delete offer ...


EscapeClose Pro

Thus you can see it neither in the TaskBar nor in the Task Manager list ( Ctrl+Alt+Del<­/strong>) nor in the list opening by pressing Alt+Tab. And now you can hide active window in the tray. Now you can use a mask to select files in standard Windows Explorer by ...

WinTasks  v.5 4

WinTasks 5 Standard Edition is a tool designed to provide you with an option to the classical Windows Tasks Manager, accessible through the Ctrl+Alt+Del<­/strong> key combination. Not a very nice interface lists all the running processes on the system for you, ...

Task Killer  v.1 2

You will forget clumsy key combination Ctrl-Alt-Del forever!

CafeControl  v.

Impossible to stop using CTRL+ALT+DEL<­/strong>. Automatically warn users when session is about to expire. Send messages to users. Supervise your business by email or web. You can export log to csv or text. Cafecontrol is the suite for public LAN management, it ...

WinHide  v.1.2

Hidden programs are not displayed in the task bar, in Ctrl-Alt-Del list or in task manager, and they cannot be activated pressing Alt+Tab. You can hide and restore programs using keyboard shortcuts, the WinHide System Tray menu or the WinHide window.

SuperF4  v.1.2

SuperF4 enables you to kill the current foreground process by simply pressing Ctrl+Alt+F4 on your keyboard. Unlike the standard Alt+F4 command which only attempts to terminate the process but does not force it to close, SuperF4 will impactfully kill it, ...

Access Denied XP

Other feature is possibility to disable CTRL+ALT+DEL<­/strong>.

Deskman SE  v.6.0

The new advanced features include the ability to disable Ctrl - Alt - Del, and any other key combination, and the ability to create your own Start Menu, among others. In addition, the new kiosk mode provides you with additional desktop protection possibilities.

RRT  v.

RRT (RRT Sergiwa Antiviral Toolkit Personal) is a set of convenient tools that scans, remove and re-enables all what a virus had previously disabled (System Resrictions) and gives you back the control over your own computer, common behavior of a virus is to make some changes to the system restrictions in order to hide itself from easy detection, these restrictions are most often:
- Disable Folder Options ...

Sergiwa Antiviral Toolkit  v.

Common behavior of a virus is to make some changes to the system restrictions in order to hide itself from easy detection, these restrictions are most often:
* Disable Folder Options >> so the user can't set the option to show hidden files!
* ...

AS FAN win32 DLL

Small compact,fast win32 DLL library which will help you to get transparent windows,resolution change, serial communication, desktop control,safe mode and debuger detection,shut down,reboot,logoff,detect left,right SHFT,CTRL,ALT key, turn on/off CAPS/NUM ...


Unlike other hotkey programs, Shotkey does not make you remember non-intuitive and difficult to press CTRL+ALT+_ combinations. For example Internet Explorer could be "ie" or "iex" or iexplore" or all the above!

Transparent Screen Lock PRO for WinNT/2000/XP/2003

Prevent system access via CRTL-ALT-DEL. Log file tracks failed logon attempts, and can initiate shutdown/logoff. Save log file locally, to network or to Event Log. Use quick-launch icon or run as screensaver. Option to grant system access to Administrators ...

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