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EzPDFsign PDF signing tool  v.1.0.1

EzPDFsign is a PDF digital signing & encrytion software tool, it allows you to encrypt PDF document, sign them using a digital certificate and timestamp the signature. EzPDFsign comply with PDF standards so your document will be readable/editable with ...

CoreStreet Desktop Validation Client  v.

ActivIdentity CoreStreet Desktop Validation Client - provides a plug-in for a Windows-based computer to perform secure validation of digital certificates.

This plug-in adds automatic certificate validation to all applications that use the Microsoft ...


DigiSigner PDF  v.

DigiSigner PDF used together with your digital certificate offers unquestionable security for business environment PDF files. An easy to use software that you must have it on your computers.

SafeDoXX for Safe EXIM  v.1.0.2

SafeDoXX for Safe EXIM is an easy-to-use Desktop Utility that enables Digital Signing of any File using a Safe EXIM Digital Certificate.

Today, the Indian legal framework accords the same significance to Digital Signatures on electronic documents ...

ASN.1 Editor  v.1.0.3366.4

1) Distinguished Encoding Rule (DER) encoded data is widely used in digital security protocols (i.e. X509 digital certificate). The encoded data is not readable by regular text editors. The Asn1Processor Library is designed to parse and modify ASN.1 DER ...

Centralx Sign  v.1.0

509 compatible digital certificate. Dont you know much about it? No problem. Centralx Sign comes with Centralx Sign Library, where you can get relevant information about the underlying technology and its applications. Centralx Sign offers outstanding ...

Maxdox Mobile Publisher, Personal Edition  v.2.2.0

jar mobile games max norton symantec sso digital certificate spy ...

CSRTool  v.29

A graphical tool for generating RSA and ECDSA cryptographic key-pairs, creating Certificate Signing Requests (CSRs) from them, and combining the key-pair with an issued digital certificate to create a secure portable container (PKCS12, JKS, JCEKS, etc.

PrivaTray  v.1.0

An application that offers comprehensive functionality in the range of digital certificate's management and the possibility of file and directory encryption.

Digital Cherry Blossom  v.1.0

About Digital Cherry BlossomThis desktop collection is inspired by the Japanese holiday Hanami when Japan turns into clouds of cherry blossom (or sakura). During this period, there are weather reports on the advance of the sakura zensen, a€?the cherry ...

Print2PDF  v.

Sign documents electronically using a digital certificate from the Windows Certificate store. Send the PDF file automatically with the integrated SMTP client. Control the metadata information that is saved to a PDF document. Easily add a title, subject, ...

Wise 3D Viewer  v.

The 3D Viewer is a standalone application that does not require Visio. It includes all of the viewing functionality of 3D Visioner without editing and saving capabilities.

XSign  v.2.0

- Implements the XML digital signature standard (XSign) and XML encryption standard (XEnc) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
- Full support of Unicode characters.
- Support for user certificate ...

Chilkat MIME  v.3.0.3

-Add a detached (clear-text) digital signature to a MIME message.
-Convert MIME to an opaque signed message
- S/MIME encrypt using a digital certificate.
-Decrypt and validate signatures in one method call.
-Attach files to a ...

3D Visioner  v.2 3

3D Visioner is an add-on for Microsoft Visio 2002/2003, intended for viewing, editing and handy navigation in Microsoft Visio, using all of the power and conveniences of third dimension. With 3D Visioner you can perform a lot of wearisome Visio actions ...

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