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Shared Folder Protector  v.5.10

Shared Folder Protctor is designed for for corporate usage, help you to protect your shared folder on netword and on removable device. Users can browser the documents but not able to copy and modify them that lets you prevent illegal copying of your files.

Shared Object Manager  v.2 2

Shared Object Manager is an utility, which allows user to view or delete Flash player shared objects (flash cookies) that various websites creates to store information on users computer.

This utility also allows user to delete all or selected ...


Network IP Scanner Shared Resources  v.1.1.0

Network IP Scanner Shared Resources is an application that helps you find open SMB shared resources in the Internet. It checks computers only with open NBT ports, that allows you quickly scan large IP-ranges.

RealMetrics Client - Shared Hosting

RealMetrics performs over 55,000 tests per day against actual accounts established with shared hosting providers to publish objective reports daily. Review the reliability, speed, and customers service performance of the top shared hosting providers.

Shared Identity Manager

Shared Identity Manager maintains and protects privileged shared accounts of all types, from Active Directory and servers to routers and database systems. The product provides a secure facility for provisioning, automatic updating, and de-provisioning ...

Digidesign HD Pack  v.6.0

Digidesign HD Pack is an addon pack for Pro tools package. This pack contains many video addon which are required for high quality production projects and products. This pack is free and comes as a special offer to those who have bought the Pro Tools ...

Shared Hosting Plans  v.1.0

Use this tool to find shared hosting plans with eas. searches all major seach enginea with 1 click. Get fast result from yahoo, google , and msn. to find some of the best deal online. This software is free to use. And can be install on any windows app.

Maxtor Shared Storage Quick Start  v.1.1.035

The Quickstart Software for the Maxtor Shared Storage Drive. If you own a Maxtor Shared Storage Drive youll need Maxtor Shared Storage Quick Start in order to access the features for drag and sort and more. The device must be running Firmware Revision ...

Shared Lists  v.

Shared Lists is a multi-list application allowing you to have as many lists - such as shopping lists, to-do lists etc. as you need, and to share any lists you want with other users simply by giving them a unique code. Purchase price includes a year's ...

Shared Expenses  v.

Do you often end up paying for someone else or vice versa?
Shared Expenses is an elegant solution to manage expenses for a group. It can calculate minimum set of transactions required to settle the debts.

- A tutorial to get ...

Shared Space  v.2.0b3

Eventually, Shared Space 2.0 will be a networked peer2peer system, allowingusers to transparently share information with other users. Shared Space 2.0. Desktop application for structuring information, visual thinking and group working ...

Shared Calendar for Outlook  v.3.10

Use Shared Calendar to share Microsoft Outlook calendar on multiple PCs in an easy way. No server is required.

Automatically transfer all changes using only e-mail account.

Just add email addresses which should receive the calendar ...

Shutdown Scheduler and Shared Notes  v.

Shutdown Scheduler and Shared Notes Features:
* Weekly or days of week shutdown scheduler
* Shutdown or restart also possible via a timer
* Sound volume reduction
* External program(s) launch
* Password protection
* Shutdown(s) ...

Shutdown Scheduler & Shared Notes  v.

It also allows you to create notes shared by other users over home (or business) networks.
There are a lot of other useful features and options in this software.Shutdown Scheduler gives you the option to shutdown without waiting right next to ...

Shared Shopping List  v.

- Ad free version available! Just look for Shared Shopping List Pro in the marketplace.

Have you ever been disappointed when your spouse walked in with the groceries, but didn’t get the coffee you so desperately needed? Ever ...

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