Different Images With Quotes


Stamp Multiple Images With Text  v.7.0

Stamp Multiple Images With Text Software allows you to add a text watermark to your images. It can stamp a text watermark to many pictures simultaneously without having to edit them one by one. You can determine the watermark position and the image quality.

Batch Convert Images with 123FileConvert  v.3.0

With 1-2-3 File Convert you can convert and edit images to various image formats. Also, edit and resize images using special effects. You can batch convert images, and also, the image editing function of this file converter provides versatile ...


Stamp Multiple Images With Text Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to add a text watermark to multiple images. The user simply adds image files or an entire folder, sets the JPG quality (using a slider), chooses the position and color of the stamp, and enters the text.

Multi Photo Quotes  v.1.33.01

Multi Photo Quotes is the elegant screensaver that combines images with quotes.

It has some unique and noteworthy features:

- It was designed with multimonitor setups in mind (but can work on single monitor pcs to).
- It can ...

Excel Extract Images and Extract Pictures from Multiple Spreadsheets

Do you have a number of different Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with a bunch of different images, perhaps barcharts and graphs, or just regular images, that you would like to easily and effortlessly extract to a directory so you can use them for other ...

Add Text To Image and Text Watermarking for images

Easily add text to image with this great software! Do you Do you have a number of different images that you would like to add text to, or in other words just add text watermarks to? If so, then this software is for you! Extremely Easy To Use: Easily select ...

Quotes by Category - Free  v.

More than 10,000 quotes under different categories with very useful features.
-More than 10,000 top Quotes.
-You can search through Quotes and Categories.
-Can bookmark your favorite Quotes.
-Can share Quote to your Facebook ...

Play With Pictures  v.1.0.9 Build 8530

Combine Pictures and Effects to Create Amazing Images. With Play With Pictures, you are able to make picture memories of holidays and special occasions, cards and invitations, school assignments come alive, fun pictures to share with friends and family.

OutWit Images  v.

OutWit Images is a Firefox addon that allows you to easily navigate through images. With OutWit Images, you can automatically explore Web pages or search engine results for pictures and easily create, save, and share your collections or view them as full-screen ...

Share Your Favorite Images on Facebook  v.1.0.0

Share my favorite Images on Facebook is a handy extension that allows you to share images with your friends with just one click. You can use the context menu on any image from the webpages that you visit in order to post it on your Facebook wall. The ...

Convert text to image or multiple text files into graphics and images

Easily convert text into an image, or multiple text files into images, with this great software! Do you have a bunch of text files that you want converted to images? Perhaps you want to put some important text on a website, but don t want someone else ...

Text Images  v.1.0.0

Text Images help you turn your text into images. Users can create single text images with this software as well as a outstanding number of pictures, for intance from a list of your headings.
The writing, design, format, style, colors, fonts, margins ...

Different Hairdo  v.

App will display Different Hairdo with steps.

Vitality Quotes  v.

Vitality Quotes is a beautiful app filled with Quotes that represent Vitality (The will to live and grow) from the following categories: Age, Dreams, Faith, Inspirational, Life, Love, and many more to come to in future! The quotes are displayed on top ...

Pop the Bubbles for All with Trial  v.

This multi-touch enabled application is one of the best bubble popping fun game for all ages, and it offers more than simple bubble pop action, since you can use it to draw or trace images with it, in other words, it simply allows you to create great ...

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