Dialogue Box Editor


Kiss-Box Editor  v.9 8

The Kiss-Box makes this possible by providing an interface to the network for most appliances.
-Most of the time no need for extra infrastructure (ethernet is omnipresent)
-No distance limits
-Easy installation/configuration

FindPath by BB

Use FindPath to navigate easily from OPEN and SAVE dialogue box default directories,

Maybe you've already noticed when you open a file dialogue box it defaults to a folder which sometimes requires a lot of navigating to where you want to be? ...


PgcEdit  v.9.3

PgcEdit is a DVD IFO editor designed to allow the modification of the navigation commands and parameters of an already authored DVD structure.
It is designed to supplement IfoEdit.
Any person eager to understand or modify the operation of a DVD ...

PptXTREME Edit for PowerPoint  v.1 5

With just one dialogue box, B&W Mode Editor lets you set the mode for one or all of the following shape types globally throughout the entire presentation- Text Boxes, Autoshapes, Charts, Pictures, Freeform objects, Groups, Lines, Text Effects, Media ...

MacroToolbar  v.7.5.3

Macro recorder (both keyboard recorder and mouse recorder) and macro editor is included. The MacroToolbar macros can consist from keys (keystrokes), mouse clicks and macro commands. MacroToolbar gives users complete Windows automation and error free ...

A-PDF Page Crop

It provide visual crop marks editor (Crop Box Editor) to crop PDF pages more conveniently ...

ThesesAssistDrawer  v.2.0

With this tool at your desktop, you no longer have to open the cross-reference dialogue box and select items in the combo and list boxes each time you need to insert a cross-reference. You can use the "Record CR" and "Insert CR" buttons to perform the ...

Super Granny Winter Wonderland  v.32.0

• Unlock Now: Opens up a dialogue box where you may purchase the fully unlocked game.
• Quit: Quits the game.
Regarding system requirements, here's a list for you to check out and see if your system meets them. Super Granny requires:
• ...

Download+  v.6.0

This action opens another dialogue box from where the users can browse and select a destination folder to copy the files into. Moreover, The Download+ software can also be easily integrated with Explorer.

MicroWorlds EX  v.1. 6. 2001

- Dialog box editor generates professional looking dialog boxes.
Compatible with Microsoft products (Windows version only)

- Use Word's spell checker
- Use Excel's charting power
Drag and drop

- Music (Including MIDI ...

Pixo SE  v.1 1

Pixo SE even lets you save images in a gallery folder with sequential names thus removing the step of calling the save dialogue box and naming the file to save.

Nodal  v.1.70.840 Beta

On Microsoft Windows you can use the built-in midi synthesiser or any third party MIDI synth (check the MIDI out list under the preferences dialogue box). For simple demonstrations on the Mac, we recommend SimpleSynth.
Nodal will also work with Apple's ...

TVitcher  v.

A dialogue box entitled "TVitcher Configuration" will appear.3. Click on the "Login Twitter" button. A dialogue box entitled "Twitter Login" will appear. Click on the "Access Twitter" button.4. A web browser window will appear, and you will be asked ...

Sophie  v.2.1.0

This behavior can be changed in the file dialogue box.Sophie Features:
1. Sophie Author allows users to create complex networked multimedia documents without specialized training.
2. Sophie Reader allows readers to read Sophie books in a browser ...

Stellar Phoenix Office Password Recovery  v.1.0

In addition, the software shows a dynamic process dialogue box that displays overall status of the process and provides other information regarding the process. Information included in dynamic dialogue box is recovery speed, expected process completion ...

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