Devfarm Software Corporation


DDF Periscope  v.1 3

DDF Periscope editor is designed for creation and editing data dictionaries files of Pervasive Software corporation DBMS Btrieve, processing of contents of data tables and also functions for the state monitoring of Btrieve/Pervasive SQL server.


Urchin Web Analytics Software  v.5.5

comWhats New in this VersionJust in time for Macworld 2004, Urchin Software Corporation has released a G5-optimized version of the world s fastest and most scalable web analytics software product, Urchin 5.5. This G5 optimized update to Urchin 5 is up ...


My Bookkeeping Manager  v.1.1

MyBookkeepingManager is bookkeeping software aimed at contractors, freelancers, and other very small (micro) businesses, typically those having less than five employees. MyBookkeepingManager concentrates on the main bookkeeping activities performed by ...

Cleantouch Khazain-ul-Hidayat (E-Quran-ul-Kareem)  v.

Khazain-ul-Hidayat is a software application to read, listen and research within Al-Qur?an-e-Kareem. The software & all its resources are free and is purely aimed to spread teaches of Al-Qur?an. It?s a world?s first software of its kind for presenting ...

SpeedTools ATA Hi-Capacity Driver  v.3.0

The Intech ATA Hi-Cap Support Driver software was created to allow the use of extended capacity ATA drives (drives greater than 128 Gigabytes in size) on older (Pre-Mirrored Door) G4 and G3 Macintoshes running MacOS X versions 10.2 and later. Includes ...

Disk Defrag Updater  v.1.3.2

Intech Software Corporation.

Cleantouch Accounts XP  v.2010 7.0

Cleantouch Accounts XP written specially for the business who provide / sale services to their clients. It also help managing finance related requirements of trading companies. User have to input their basic daily finance transaction in program and can ...

Ittec  v.2.3.1

Balance Software Corporation.

Under The Hood  v.1.0b1

Balance Software Corporation.

AlphaCapture  v.1.1

Balance Software Corporation.

BPM Assistant  v.1.0

Balance Software Corporation.

KidLock  v.1.0

Balance Software Corporation.

Retail Barcode Software  v.

Comprehensive barcode creator software generates high level and customized barcode stickers to meet any organization printing and labeling requirements. Cost effective barcode software creates own design colorful barcode images, label, tags etc that useful ...

AssetManage Enterprise Asset Software  v.2007

Use AssetManage Enterprise asset tracking software to track where your assets are, what state they are in, and who they are currently assigned to. AssetManage keeps track of expenses related to an asset, creates inventories for multiple locations, and ...

File Recovery Software Pro  v.9 3

File Recovery Software - is the program, Recommended by Microsoft(R) corporation, as the best file recovery software, top file recovery software for Windows computer.

How to recover files with the file recovery software? How can I recover deleted ...

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