Deskman Powertoy


DeskMan Screensaver

DeskMan Screensaver shows animated DeskMan (our variant of legendary Pacman) that systematically eats your desktop. Now user can choose whether the desktop wallpaper is to be restored by DeskMan as in previous versions or by fade-transition (default).

Calculator Powertoy for Windows XP  v.1.0.0001

Calculator Powertoy is a powerful calculation tool engineers, students and math users.

In the numeric mode it works like a regular calculator, but the user can set the precision (s)he wants: low (32bit resolution), medium (64bit resolution), ...


Deskman  v.10. 4. 2001

Featuring a simple interface, Deskman allows you to combine restrictions and options to easily achieve the desired level of security. Whether you need to secure workstations or lock desktops, Deskman is your tool of choice. Install and forget about it: ...

Deskman SE  v.6.0

Deskman SE allows you to secure your computer in a snap. Combining different options, you can easily achieve the desired level of security. Deskman SE is very easy to use, yet powerful enough for most demanding needs. Now, with the new Desktop Lock you ...

Image Resizer Powertoy Clone  v.2.1.1

Image Resizer Powertoy Clone is a free tool to resize one or more images at a time. It has been created after inspiring from Microsoft's official Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP. The software was designed to be a clone of the Image Resizer Powertoy ...

Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP  v.1.0

This PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click. To change the image size in Windows, then there are many ways for you to choose. You can use Paint for images without size accurately. Using Microsoft Office Picture Manager ...

Missing Attachment PowerToy Setup  v.1.0.0011

Have you ever forgotten to include an attachment to an important email? This free PowerToy for Microsoft® Outlook® is designed to help you avoid that exact scenario, helping you save time and avoid needless embarrassment: When the Missing Attachment ...

InkTalk  v.1.1

InkTalk is a PowerToy for the Tablet PC that allows you to chat with another InkTalk client over the internet using your natural handwriting. You can simply write your message and the other InkTalk client will see your message in your original handwriting.

YoshinoCALC  v.3.0.5

yoshinoCALC is a free scientific calculator program like PowerToy Calc from Microsoft.Conventional View is one of the two aspects of yoshinoCALC. The program emulates a conventional sceintific calculator. I don't think you need a detailed manual to use ...

BackgroundCMD  v.

The software is similar to the Microsoft Powertoy `Open Command Window Here`, the difference however is that it allows you to access the CMD from the folder you are currently browsing and does not require you to right-click on the actual folder icon, ...

ShellToys XP

A unique suite of 48 shell extensions adding powerful new features to the Windows context menu for files, folders, windows and dialogs. Plus more than a dozen extra shell-related tools.

New features in ShellToys XP 5 include:
- Folder Color: ...

SyncToy for Windows XP  v.2.0

SyncToy, a free PowerToy for Microsoft Windows XP, is an easy-to-use, highly customizable software that helps users to do the heavy lifting involved with the copying, moving, and synchronization of different directories. Most common operations can be ...

GlassCalc  v.

GlassCalc is also something of a replacement for the XP PowerToy Calculator, which only runs on Vista and Windows 7 as an administrator, which is completely annoying.It calculates stuff. Duh. Here's a list of some of its more prominent features:

Tweak UI  v.2.10

This PowerToy gives you access to system settings that are not exposed in the Windows XP default user interface, including mouse settings, Explorer settings, taskbar settings, and more.Tweak UI gives you access to a number of settings that are hidden ...

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