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LakesLiiketreffit  v.

The app contains the event participant info and description what the participating company offers and what kind of service it seeks.

The companies being on the application will increase their visibility and improve their selling. The ...

Euroword  v.

English-German-French-Serbian computer dictionary that offers you power of SQL, quite large word entry database (English language has more than 300,000 entries, all dictionaries have over 100,000 entries), more than half of entries have a description what makes ...


MB Nakshatra

MB Free Nakshatra is a nakshatra or birth star calculator software based on Vedic Astrology. This program calculates the birth star or the constellation the moon was present in at the time of birth. It describes the mental attitude and the planetary periods ...

HitWB Monitor powered by Waakhond  v.2.2011.5.0

Get automatically a full description what the logged message means, the severity and what you should do to solve the possible problem, or prevent system failure GlobalHealth, Check a variety of Windows performance parameters like CPU Utilization, Memory, ...

What is My IP  v.2.0

It's very difficult with some tricky command, in this case SEOCLICK specially design free software for free solution to what is My IP Address queries & you assure that how our software swiftly shows IP Address with swift click.

What Watch  v.

What Watch is an astrology program that will calculate Natal Charts.

The program will require you the name, birth date and place of the person you are creating the natal chart for. It will then retrieve from their internal databases the element ...

What Process  v.1.0

What Process is a small Windows application that lists all the processes running on your computer. When you click on each process, it tells you where that file resides on your PC and it creates a link to this website which will tell you more about the ...

What Date  v.1.0.0002

What Date? is a simple, freeware date calculator for Windows. Enter a date and interval and press calculate to find any date in the future or past. What Date will recognize any date format which Windows can understand (date formats as set in Control Panel).

What You Own Home Inventory  v.4.18

What You Own Home Inventory is a free program that assists you in taking inventory of your possessions. Easy to use intuitive interface helps you organize your inventory by room and category. You can add multiple pictures of your items, rooms and household ...

What cloud is that  v.

Dont know what cloud that is in the sky, open the app and have a look at the thumbnails or medium sized images to match the cloud, tap the cloud to see a full description of what cloud it is.

Dynamic Products Description Rotator  v.1

Dynamic Product description rotator good for your productsCreated using Flash CS3 and Falsh 8 with Action Script 2.0You can add as many images as you want.You can add product details (image, title, small details, url).Just add the image into the images ...

Remote Computer Description Updater  v.1.4

Update a computer description on local machine or remotely connect to any machine to change the computer description on the machine that you connect to.

This program can be used to update the computer description on either a local machine that ...

Portable Application Description Viewer

Freeware portable application description viewer is great data extractor and web information revealer tool helpful for association of shareware professionals (ASP) and webmasters for website and product promotion. Webmasters can stores and view retrieved ...

What's that web server running

"What's that web server running?" provides a quick and easy way to determine what web server software a website is using. The program uses HTTP headers to determine what software, and often what operating system a site runs on. This utility is provided ...

What a Race

What a Race is an awesome free sports game where you will race with your mini car against three competitors.
These cars are extremely fast so you will need some practice before you will be able to finish a race without ending
up in grass. Every ...

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