Demon Slasher


Demon Slasher  v.5.2

Exquisite, lively platform game with excellent graphics, a variety of special effects and realistic animation. The brave hero must defend his castle from the onslaught of ugly demons, and descend into hell itself to stop them.
Exquisite, lively platform ...

Maxwell's Demon

Maxwell's Demon has been around when our Universe was born, and will still be there at the very end of everything, till he finishes his arduous labor of resisting the Great Law of Creation - The Law of Growing Chaos. When the Chaos is defeated, this ...


Disk Demon  v.1.0.1

Disk Demon is an advanced defragmentation utility that optimizes the data layout of your volumes and records. Dynamic programming techniques are used to achieve superior results in a sophisticated and efficient manner. Bundled with Disk Demon are two ...

Social Bookmarks Demon  v.2.2

Social Bookmarks Demon is enormously powerful, 100% automatic social bookmarking software which will build UNLIMITED number of top quality backlinks, send first-class traffic in minutes, increase your affiliate sales, AdSense income and site revenue as ...

Bookmarking Demon  v.2011.11.1

All Done In Minutes On Autopilot with Bookmarking Demon, automatic social network submit software.

Bookmarking Demon is new social bookmarking tool that aims to provide targeted traffic and backlinks automatically to any number of sites and ...

Demon Adventure

Demon Adventure is a great funny free online arcade game. You are a little devil living deep below the ground. You
are very hungry little devil and the only thing you eat are peoples souls. Catch as many dead souls as possible
and do it fast.

Demon of Maxwell  v.2 7

Help little Demon to separate color flying atoms into different rooms, as fast as possible, and this World will be saved. Take part in the online contest for best players and win awards. Ten levels in the registered version, new one to be released. Install ...

Flash Demon Memorizer  v.3 4

Flash Demon Memorizer will help you to memorize a lot of text, graphic and sound data in a short period of time. Flash Demon influents your active memory and you'll recall the necessary information at the respective moment. Flash Demon uses new method ...

Din's Curse - Demon War Expansion  v.1.024

Din's Curse: Demon War is the first expansion for the unique action RPG Din's Curse. Adds the Demon Hunter class, new demon monsters, tons of new quests, more involved NPCs, lots of new dungeons and caves, and much more.



Gout Foot Demon Puzzle  v.1 1

A puzzle of a classic piece of art showing a demon attacking a foot. Fun!

Digital Product Demon  v.3.00

Digital Product Demon is a simple, easy to use plugin that does exactly what most WordPress site owners want when selling digital products from their WordPress website.

Digital Product Demon coupled with WordPress will let you:

Easily ...

Chemical Demon  v.1.0

ChemicalDemon software displays a histogram of the energy of a demon that exchanges energy and particles with a one-dimensional lattice of particles. The purpose of this simulation is to understand how the demon acts as an ideal thermometer and ideal ...

Skied Demon  v.

Skied demon helps you be more aware of your speed on the slopes as excessive speed can be dangerous. You can record your days skiing, and be notified every time you achieve a new high speed on the schuss, and also set a speed limit above which you're ...

Demon Jump  v.

Demon Jump is an additcive action game, now available for your Windows Phone.
Help the little demon to escape from hell by jumping as high as you can. How far will you come?!

-fast and addictive gameplay
-atmospheric ...

Demon Jump 2  v.

Help the little demon to flee from hell!
In this exciting 2D arcade Jump&Run Game the little
demons path is doomed by multiple dangers and obstacles, so
the question is: How far can you manage it?

Building up on the original best ...

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