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ClearCheck21 IQA Engine

Improve the quality of check images and deliver more readable IRDs with clearer embedded images. Many check images do not meet the allowable exchange metrics, or exhibit improper TIFF tags and packaging. Use the ClearCheck21MICR IQA engine to evaluate ...

Autodesk Revit Architecture  v.10.03.26170

Autodesk® Revit® Architecture building information modeling (BIM) software helps architects and designers gain a competitive advantage with tools that enable you to design freely, keep information better coordinated, and deliver more efficiently.


Digital Museum Creator  v.2 24

Give It More Value Making it Distribuable
The digital artwork is difficult to exploit due to easy copy. Digital Museum Creator brings a solution by creating a protected version of your artworks. Now you can distribute them while maintaining their ...

SwitchBlade  v.1.0

But by doing so more value will also be added to your site. SwitchBlade will protect your images by cutting them in more than one image, thus making it harder for people to take your images. The whole Image cannot be saved or copied to the clipboard.

London 2012 Experience Pro  v.

Take the London 2012 Experience with you! We created a beautiful app in Metro style to deliver more and better content in compressed format through our own index servers. Our focus is on quality and speed, therefore all news layout is consistent and ...

AutoCAD Raster Design  v.2013

Get More Value from Your Raster Imagery Make the most of raster images, maps, aerial photos, satellite imagery, and digital elevation models. With powerful raster editing and raster-to-vector conversion tools, AutoCADT« Raster Design software helps ...

Radio Station Plus


-Uses cutting-edge technology to deliver quality content.
-Streamed radio to your PC. No dish - No cable.
-Extensive list of channels in this version and more to come.
-absolutely FREE
-Another innovative product ...

Digital TV 2050  v.5.0

All in a sleek interface combined with cutting edge-technology to deliver the ultimate in entertainment. A variety of companies are now joinging to work with us and to show their content to millions of our customers who can now watch what they want and ...


The Activation Payment System (APS) allows users to instantly purchase more functionality and automatically add it to the software.

UDDI Explorer  v.1.01

The point of my tool is to deliver business value, which in this case means easy discovery of web services and letting you view their WSDL on a tree.Prior to making this tool, I fumbled through MSDN and CodeProject, to learn about how to discover a web ...

Intel Parallel Studio XE  v.2013

Boost Performance Today, Great Performance Tomorrow Deliver top application performance while minimizing development, tuning and testing time and effort. IntelT« Parallel Studio XE 2013 provides C, C++ and Fortran developers cutting edge tools for ...

PlugPDF SDK  v.2.2.0

= Cross Platform Support =
Unlike other vendors in the market, PlugPDF Mobile PDF Reader SDK comes with cross platform support for both iOS and Android which enhances functionality and lets you deliver more convenience and control to ...

SharePoint AD Management Pack  v.1.0.802.40

By eliminating required prior interventions along with allowing staffs to proactively update their AD profiles, the system admin can perform more value added activities. Reducing downtime will save the company tens of thousands of dollars ...

SharePoint AD Administration  v.1.8.508.1

The overall simplicity of the web part also makes it an ideal solution for non-IT employees not familiar with Active Directory, allowing administrators to focus their time on tasks that add more value to the business.

Assign limited AD administration ...

Tunatic  v.1.0.1

Tunatic is compatible with both Windows and Mac, which adds just a little more value to the great application. If you have an iPhone, Shazam does the same thing. The only thing that you need for Tunatic to work is a song, speakers to play it on, and ...

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