Defeat Opponents


Puzzlegeddon  v.1.0.1

Select your island of choice and puzzle for resources to defend yourself and to defeat opponents throughout the many galaxies, game modes and challenges which awaits you in Puzzlegeddon.
Puzzle, collect resources and defeat opponents in Puzzlegeddon, ...

Brain Battle  v.

You play as a hero, who has to defeat opponents standing in his path. You can pick all your letters from the board of 16 letters.
Longer words deal more damage to your enemies.

As a hero you may select from four different skills ...


Master And Student  v.

* Select your weapon: Sword, Staff, or Bow

* Watch your students grow in power as they defeat opponents and become more experienced.

* Use over-the-top martial powers to gain an edge over the enemies you face.

* ...

Defend and Defeat Kingdoms  v.1.0

Defend And Defeat Kingdoms is a fun medieval strategy game. Build a unique medieval city and defend it against Lord GriffenwaldOCOs evil hords. This game offers hours of game play for the whole family. This strategy game comes with 18 levels, 5 open match ...

Zirconia 2: Battle

You must defeat 7 different opponents indirectly by using cards that you will draw throughout the course of the match. These cards will have various effects, such as spawning enemies on your opponent's side, or by sending projectiles over.

Pocket Bombs  v.

- Multiplayer: Combat up to 3 human opponents OR
- Defeat the AI in Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty modes

Want a different look? Multiple themes are available:
- Default (Traditional Bombs)
- Dark (Reversi-style board)
- ...

ColdFirebolt  v.

Knowing of your opponent weak spot is not enough to win, because the great number of the opponents is waiting for you...

Decide, which "enemy" you want to defeat first, chose your "weapon" and attack. Time is limited, so you need to hurry.

To ...

Space Battle  v.

A huge arsenal at your fingertips to defeat your enemies. Lasers, missiles and devastating special weapons will allow you to survive against hordes of opponents. Upgrade your ship in this action/RPG to challenge yourself, so that you have the greatest ...

Multiplayer Okey  v.1.0.0

Shine with clever strategies and defeat your opponents in this intriguing Turkish game! Your goal is to form winning patterns so as to force the other players to lose points. 104 number tiles and 2 joker tiles will be used in the game, making a total ...

Little Fighter 2  v.2.0

Little Fighter 2 is the sequel to Little Fighter 1, a popular fighting game where the goal is to defeat different characters. It supports four players on a single PC and up to eight characters on screen in online mode. This new version has four Battle ...

Zombie Bowl-O-Rama  v.7. 3. 2026

Like in any bowling game, the objective is to strike as many pins as you can to defeat your opponent. The game includes two modes: Single player and Freeplay, the latter is unlocked when you complete the main mode. In Single player, you play against ...

Astral Tournament  v.1 31

The game, developed by Apus Software, is based on duels, where two opponents compete to become the best mage on earth. Opponents may be another human player, or the computer.

The objective of the game is to defeat our enemy by casting spells ...

Buccaneer Demo  v.1.0

You will command a pirate fleet in the Caribbean through a fifty-mission campaign, trying to defeat your enemies with your cannons.

You will be able to fully customize your ships, select weapons and more. The game can be played ...

Super Mario Bros Ants Attack  v.1.0

The Super Mario Ants! Defend the sands of happiness from evil giant spiders! use many kinds of weapons from fireballs, giant magic rocks, sonic weapons, shockwaves, laser beam, spells, heal spells, attack and shielding spells to beat your opponents. Defeat giant ...

Domination!  v.

Domination! is a world domination strategy game where you will have fun battling with human or computer opponents.


TRIAL and FULL version are almost the ...

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