Dead Pixel Repair


Dead Pixel Tester  v.3.00

Dead Pixel Tester, with display tests. NEW VER 2.50 - TFT screens have thousands of pixels, on a 1024x768 monitor, there are three cells for each pixel - one each for red, green, and blue - which amounts to nearly 2.4 million cells (1024x768x 3 = 2,359,296).

Dvana Dead Pixel Checker  v.

Detecting dead pixels on a flat screen monitor is now easy with Dvana Dead Pixel Checker. Simply run the application, there is nothing to install, and test your new monitor.
The software will step through the different colors present in the monitor ...


Dead Pixel Finder  v.

With "Dead Pixel Finder" you can check, if there are "dead" pixel in your screen and may revive it.

Please note:
The revival-tool isn't "automode". It's a tool, which maybe helps to revive dead pixels.

Added white and ...

Dead Pixel Identifier  v.5.9.4

Dead Pixel Identifier is a utility designed to help diagnose dead/stuck pixels on LCD screens (can also be used on CRT screens). Using our custom OCslineOCO and OCsburnOCO tests, you are able to put a screen through a tough challenge to help identify ...

Dead Pixel Test&Fix  v.

This free application will help you detect dead or stucked pixel on your phone screen. It can also help you repair some kinds of pixel defects.

LCD Checker  v.1.0

LCD Checker is a tool to help you find "dead pixel" on your LCD screen. You can fill your screen with pure color by LCD Checker, which makes it much easier to locate "dead pixel". It could be your best friend when you are buying a Surface. :) Features ...

Pixel Rea  v.1.3

This software can detect and fix dead pixels in incentives on their primary colors. Sheave pixels can also detect and repair the burned areas of plasma lcd or led. The repair is based on the effects of snow, and dynamic scanning white screen. This software ...

PixelHealer  v.

PixelHealer can help you try to fix dead pixels by yourself, before running back to the store! You can use it to fix dead, stuck or hot pixels on LCD or TFT screens, on desktop monitors, laptops or tablets. First of all, use our own free InjuredPixels ...

LCDTester  v.1.0

Then you look closely and realise it's a dead pixel.

Most manufacturers will allow you to exchange a monitor with a dead pixel within the first week, which means it's important to check for dead pixels ASAP.

That's where LCDTester ...

IsMyLcdOK  v.1.88

IsMyLcdOK is a small software but impactful solution to easily check for dead/paralysed/stuck pixels on LCD monitors.
Many manufacturer's provide the highest industry standard dead pixel policy.
IsMyLcdOK does not have to be installed and can ...

Screen Checker  v.

"Screen Checker" is an application that check the color or dead pixel of the screen.

Trial version has no functional difference.

CHV The Repair-collection  v.1.0

The Repair-collection?Four new Final Cut Pro/Express plug-ins made to repair damaged footage.Repair damaged video that contains noise and dust Minimize artifacts from compressed sourcesRepair dropouts, i.e. Betacam dropoutsRepair damaged frames with holes ...

Bad Crystal 3.5 Primary  v.3.5.0

Bad Crystal one of the most powerful programs to fix stuck pixel, it includes a number of new technologies to remedy the defect areas. Each technology has passed many tests and refinements, before it was included in the new version version.

New ...

LCD PixelsOK  v.1.0

LCD PixelsOK allows you to easily check for dead or defective pixels on LCD monitors. You can use it to test a new LCD monitor before purchasing, or an already purchased monitor during the warranty period (you may get a replacement according to the manufacturer's ...

InjuredPixels  v.

InjuredPixels allows you to easily check for dead or defective pixels on LCD monitors. InjuredPixels can be used to test a new LCD monitor before purchasing, or an already purchased monitor during the warranty period (as you may get a replacement according ...

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