Dbase Sql Convert


SQL Converter  v.1 9

SQL Converter it is easy and powerful tool to convert your MSSQL Database tables to TXT,CSV or XML files.Connect to MSSQL server and export data from one table or all of them.Now with command line support and export columns option.If you have a remote ...

Convert mdb to MySQL

MS Access to MySQL database converter software migrates database records along with all data types, default values, null values, attributes, entities, primary and unique key constraints. MS Access to MySQL database conversion tool transforms thousands ...


DataConversionTools CSVtoSQL Converter  v.1.01

Quickly and easily convert your csv files into SQL statements using our CSVtoSQL converter. This program will save you hours of time you can spend doing more productive things. Our easy to use interface makes it easy to convert your files from one format ...

DBConvert for MSSQL and PostgreSQL  v.2 4

DBConvert for MS SQL & PostgreSQL is a reliable bi-directional database migration tool which allows you to convert from:

- MS SQL to PostgreSQL
- PostgreSQL to MS SQL
- PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL
- PostgreSQL ...

DBConvert for MS FoxPro and MSSQL  v.4. 4. 2003

DBConvert for FoxPro & MS SQL is a reliable bi-directional database migration tool which allows you to convert from:

- MS Visual FoxPro to MS SQL
- MS Visual FoxPro to MS SQL Dump
- MS Visual FoxPro to MS Visual FoxPro
- MS Visual ...

DBConvert for FoxPro & MSSQL

DBConvert for MS FoxPro & MS SQL is a database converter which performs FoxPro to MS SQL and MS SQL to FoxPro conversion. Features: Unicode Support, Primary keys and Indexes conversion, Interactive multilinqual (GUI) mode / command line mode, data filters, ...

DRPU Database Converter - MS Excel to  v.

Database Converter - MS Access to MySQL is an efficient database conversion tool that is fully capable to convert MS Access created database records into MySQL database records. Database migration tool facilitates its users with the facility of converting ...

AdventNet SwisSQL - DataMigration Edition  v.5.7

This data migration program can be used to migrate database structures and data across the industry's leading databases such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server, DB2, Sybase and MySQL. The tool provides flexible, extensive and rapid data migration across databases ...

AdventNet SwisSQL Database Migration Tools  v.1.0

This database migration suite offers automated tools that allow migration of proprietary stored procedures, SQL dialects, database schema and enterprise data from one database to another. Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 UDB and Sybase are supported.

ApexSQL Refactor  v.2013.04

ApexSQL Refactor is a free SQL formatter and database refactoring tool for SQL Server. Format SQL queries, refactor SQL code and database tables with ease. It can format and refactor code directly in SSMS or VS, qualify objects, expand wildcards, encapsulate ...

Access To MySQL DB Conversion Tool

Database migration software converts whole database record or selected tables from MS Access to MySQL server and overwrites the converted data into existing database or saves as new database. MS Access database migrator supports all data types, key constraints ...

DPRU Database Converter - MS Access to  v.

DPRU Database Converter - MS Access to MySQL simply and securely converts your MS Access database records into MySQL format with maintained database accuracy. Advance functionality of the software supports conversion of even the password protected MDB ...

Light XML Analyzer  v.1.0

The XML Analyzer will help you read and edit XML data.
You can view the data in a tree or table view and export it to external formet (Text).
The Light XML Analyzer also allows you to edit XSL file that will fit your XML and view how the result ...

Full Convert SQL Server Edition  v.1 9

Full Convert provides powerful and comfortable way to convert data of many databases. Source databases supported: Microsoft Access, dBase, FoxPro, Microsoft Excel, Interbase/Firebird, Lotus 1-2-3, MySQL, Oracle, Paradox, SQL Server, Text files, ODBC, ...

MS SQL Server to XML Convert Software

Convert MS SQL Server 2000 or 2005 tables to XML through a step by step wizard. XML output can be fully customized to contain database fields as tags and additional tags for separating records.

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