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USB HID Logger 1.5.1 build  v.215

The detailed specification of the HID interface made it possible to produce devices that do not interact with people directly, but use the HID interface to transmit data. If a USB device supports the HID interface, it does not require special drivers, ...

Desift  v.0.1

Desift is a data-driven, template-based text filter implemented in Perl, ideal for generating scripts, content and reports. It provides powerful formatting capabilities for delimited text/input streams, especially when combined with other shell programs.


Event Log Viewer Pro  v.2.0

Event Log Viewer Pro - manage your computer expertly.

The key to a secure and healthy PC is being able to effectively monitor event logs.

Use our pro-level software to:
Quickly browse, find and report on problems, security warnings ...

EMS Data Generator for SQL Server  v.3.3

EMS Data Generator for SQL Server enables you to generate test data for Microsoft SQL Server database tables. The step-by-step wizard lets you select the tables and fileds to be used. The software supports all SQL Server data types and allows you to generate ...

Schlumberger Toolbox  v.2 2

The Log Data Toolbox has integrated software utilities for log data and graphics. These freeware utilities let you inspect, filter and convert digital log data files before they are integrated into an interpretation software or data management system.

Crypto Logger For .Net  v.2010

Crypto Logger comes with a powerful yet easy-to-use logging console to view, search, analyze and manage log data and perform remote-logging and live-logging. It enables you to glean useful information from logged data to facilitate bug-fixing, pinpointing ...

Thermo23  v.4 5

Thermo23 software explores and initializes iButton data loggers from Maxim/Dallas. This software supports the whole family of Thermochron and Hygrochron iButtons.
Thermo23 provides the option to store user information permanently in the device general-purpose ...

TouchScan  v.2.14.0

TouchScan is an easy-to-use yet powerful software package for monitoring vehicle data and diagnosing problems in modern vehicles. TouchScan works great with laptops, desktop PC's, touchscreens and car PC's. Features Fuel economy MPG, l/100km or km/l ...

TunerPro RT  v.5.0

TunerPro RT is a software platform designed to enable you to manipulate the calibration data present in modern vehicle engine, transmission, and body control electronics.
TunerPro RT fully supports nearly all of Craig Moates's hardware as well as ...

EPG Collector  v.3.2.0

Collect EPG data with this tool. EPG Collector is a Windows command line utility for collecting the EPG data from DVB streams in EIT, MHEG5 or OpenTV format and creating an XMLTV file. It can help you collect the EPG data from DVB streams in EIT, MHEG5 ...

TT Dyno TT Dyno  v.2010.10

TT Dyno can create real and accurate dyno graphs using data logs from handheld performance tuning tools and data logging tools. Tune your vehicle by actually measuring dyno curves for the entire power band! A great companion when performance tuning vehicles.

Dyno-Scan  v.8. 1. 2002

Dyno-Scan for Windows turns your Windows PC or laptop into a powerful automotive scan tool and road dynamometer!

Diagnose your Check Engine light, data log engine sensors, measure horsepower and torque, and measure instant and average fuel ...

EaziTRAC System 2000  v.2.0

The EaziTRAC System 2000 features include instant
or continuous tracking with data log and playback options to view the vehicle travel route history.

SpecView 32  v.2 5

SpecView makes it easy to use a PC with
control and monitoring instrumentation, allowing you to operate,analyze,record and much more.Strategy Controller logic engine for process automation.Secure connection via LAN, modem & Internet.Multiple Instrument ...

StoMpd  v.0.1.0 Rev 123

Configurable log template
12. Playlist editorRequirements
1. MPD music daemon version v0.16.0 or higher
2. Java v1.6.0 or higher
3. StoMpd is platform independent
4. Please note that id3-tags is required for the more advanced features ...

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