Daily Report Word


Accelerated Templates  v.1 2

Accelerated Templates enables fast creation for your daily Microsoft Word documents. The speed increases due to the saving you from redundant document modifications. No programming skills are required, supports default answers and auto-complete.
You ...

Site Tracker  v.1 15

Daily report in your mailbox.

Gives: Exact URL of the page that sent the visitor to your site; The URL of your page being visited. Number of visitors who found your site at major search engines Search terms that led a visitor to your site

Helps ...


Tile Calendar  v.

This is a nail in the box on the start screen calendar, so you can like entities calendar, daily hands-tear calendar, start the day. In addition, when tearing calendar also can be got a daily Chinese word. Again to explain the meaning of this word by ...

Arabic Genie X  v.3.0

Arabic Genie is the only Windows Arabic Text Converter for Macintosh and word processing software to type and use arabic text for all softwares, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXpress, Macromedia Freehand etc. Imposition on Adobe Indesign, ...

Devalipi Pro X  v.3.9.2

With Devalipi you can compose text on all above languages and e-mail within Devalipi or copy and paste (or export to other font layouts) to your favorite applications like Quark XPress, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, PageMaker, Word and Internet applications ...

FocusWriter for Mac OS X  v.1.4.1

The FocusWriter application was designed to be a fullscreen, distraction-free word processor designed to immerse you as much as possible in your work. The program autosaves your progress, and reloads the last files you had open to make it easy to jump ...

Crystal Translator  v.3 22

Immediate preview of the resulted target report as you translate with resizing capability and object selection.
Design view for WYSIWYG translation without database connection.

Automatic pre-translation using an integrated ...

Catalogue  v.

It quickly generates outputs for predefined catalogs:
- Interactive report.
- HTML report for selected files properties of one directory or set of directories.
- XML export file with all properties for all files in all subfolders ...

FocusWriter  v.1.3.6

FocusWriter is a fullscreen, distraction-free word processor designed to immerse you as much as possible in your work. The software autosaves your progress, and reloads the last files you had open to make it easy to jump back in during your next writing ...

Diabetics2  v.

Such as, All his Blood measurement records daily, and all doses which he takes daily.
This is done by means of letting him make a Profile for himself with his normal daily activities, as well as his Doctor's email to be able to make the application ...

Dictionary.com  v.

It also features audio pronunciation and updated daily content. Get the world’s #1 dictionary app on your phone today!

Mango update:
Live tiles and offline Dictionary for when you don't have an internet connection!

Features: ...

XtraSense Surveillance

Features include motion detection with masking area, FTP images to remote server, alarm notification by email(pictures attached) or SMS, electronic map for visually indicating camera/sensor locations, automatic disk storage management and daily report delivered ...

Automatic Link Checker  v.4

This script will check your link partners site and send you a daily report regarding which sites are still linking back to you and which are not.

Nifty Stats  v.

Main features:

- More than 1500 affiliate programs
- E-mail notification of every new sale
- E-mail notification - daily report
- Verification of the sponsors payout
- Graphic sales analysis
- Setting 'Download ...

Cerere 2008  v.1 50

This program lets the farmer insert the daily report with the operations performed by workers and farm machinery. The software calculates all of the statistics for your farm, crop by crop. Ability to display products such as fertilizers or pesticides.

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