Daily Data Application


USB Recovery Data  v.

Professional USB Recovery Data application restores misplace important file and folders in original format no use of any technical person and special talent. Thumb drive image retrieval utility provides easy to use option and GUI based features for fast ...

SuperVoice  v.2.8

SuperVoice is an inexpensive voicemail, fax and data application. Suitable for personal or small business use. Sophisticated answering machine : you can have a different greeting during out of hours / weekends. Automatically detects and receives incoming ...


WeatherInfo  v.2.0.4458.38534

Weatherinfo is a small, simple and free weather data application. You choose a location and you'll get the current conditions and a five days forecast. The location is built in three steps: you must choose a country, a list of cities will appear and ...

Cheapster  v.

4 Fixes issue with 1SaleADay deals
Adds 4 new deals!
Compiled to work well with the copy and paste OS update

CHEAPSTER is a daily deal application that aggregates deals from some of the most popular deal websites around like all Woot.

The Cover  v.

The Cover is a visual daily press application that gives access to the world's largest news sites and displays a readable image taken from today's frontpage cover of each newspaper of around the world.

Lullabies  v.

Lullabies is a simple data application that consists of few famous lullaby by famous personalities.They can be really helpful when your TINY-TOTS wants to sleep and they want you to sing a LULLABY for them.

Self Help  v.

The "Self Help" is a data application that consists of various famous quotes by famous personalities on various topics with which you deal many a times in your life.They can heal your sad mood when you are surrounded with all the negative vibes and will ...

MyMoneyBook free  v.

Record your daily data in few steps.
Set a monthly budget to get an indication of what you spend.
Customize the categories according to your needs.
Check charts for transactions and categories.
Data backup via SkyDrive.
Live Tiles ...

MyMoneyBook  v.

NOW: Live Tiles and Search features!!
Record your daily data in few steps.
Set a monthly budget to get an indication of what you spend.
Customize the categories according to your needs.
Add the tiles to start to speed up your operations.

Datatific Review  v.

Datatific Review is a data application used to view and compare data in Access, Excel, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, ODBC, OLEDB and text data. It is visually appealing, easy to use and rich with features. Compare two tables or versions of data Explore ...

ClassMaker  v.1.0

A special utility to create entity classes from any table in a sqlite database, to use it in core data application projects in Xcode. A must have utility for all developers.Features:*Automatic creation of .h and .m files.*Works with any sqlite database.

To-Doster  v.1.0.11

To-Doster is a very simple data application that was built for recording change control in software design.

Restore Deleted Data  v.

Download Restore Deleted Data application from www.flashdrivedatarecovery.net enables users to get back valuable pictures lost due to software failure from different types of memory card. Flash card data recovery software provides ability to retrieve ...

Card Data Recovery Software  v.

com provides Card Data Recovery Software to revive logically formatted memorable pictures from MMC cards in original format or quality. Files recovery application is developed to retrieve important and memorable file which damaged due to power failure ...

Restore USB Drive Data  v.

Restore USB Drive Data application is fully capable to recover lost deleted important document and MS office files from commonly used removable media drives. Jump drive data restore wizard undelete inaccessible data from all removable media like music ...

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