Cyclic Redundancy


Python crcmod  v.1 7

The software in this package is a Python module for generating objects that compute the Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC).

It includes a (optional) C extension for fast calculation, as well as a pure Python implementation.

There is no ...

Open BKF Files  v.4. 2. 2001

Some of them are as follows: CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) errors, failure to open a file, virus attacks, backup process interruptions, backup file is deleted, and many more.

With the help of a professional and comprehensive open bkf files ...


MaaS360 Checksum Calculator  v.

Supported algorithms include, but are not limited to, SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm), CRC32 (Cyclic Redundancy Check), and MD5 (Message-Digest Algorithm 5).
Use simple drag and drop, file browse, and copy and paste functionality to easily calculate ...

Exchange Backup Repair  v.12.10.01

Microsoft backup files may get corrupted, damaged or inaccessible due to a number of reasons such as malfunctioning of media, virus attacks, abrupt system shutdown, backup interruptions, Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) errors, etc. Use a third-party Exchange ...

Outlook 2003 PST Repair  v.12.06.01

MS Outlook 2003 PST files may get corrupt or inaccessible due to various reasons such as virus attacks, CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error or data error, application crash, accidental deletion of emails, unexpected system shutdown, 2GB file size limitation ...

WinRAR File Repair Software  v.

WinRAR File Repair Software can fix password protected files and files which having Cyclic redundancy check error those files can be fixed as well. Most excellent utility to retrieve broken files when electricity supply gone off unexpectedly and couple ...

Pycrc  v.rc.0.7.10

pycrc is an easy to use CRC (cyclic redundancy check) calculator and C source code generator. The generated source code can be optimized for simplicity, speed or space. pycrc contains a long parameter list of common CRC models.The program is self contained ...

Directory Report

Directory printer, find duplicate files, rename files and maintain files all in 1 tool
Simple to use since it looks just like the MS Explorer

Professional quality
The program can scan over 7 million files
Powerful filtering ensures you only get the files you want
All screens can be printed to a printer, text file, HTML file and Excel file

Directory Printer
Prints the contents of an entire disk or a single directory
Prints DLL, EXE version info
Prints AVI, MP3, MSI and WAV info
Prints cyclic redundancy checksum ...

Repair ZIP File  v.11.10.01

This utility is capable to repair compressed archives that has been corrupt because of reasons like, CRC (cyclic redundancy check) errors in downloaded ZIP, error message such as, “Cannot open file it does not appear to be a valid archive”, Virus ...

Gas Price Calculator

FREE! Have you ever wondered whether it was worth it to drive a few extra miles to save a few cents per gallon on your next gas purchase? The Gas Price Calculator will give you the answer.

Stellar Phoenix BKF Recovery  v.2.0

Stellar Phoenix BKF Recovery repairs and recovers lost data from corrupted BKF files in all instances of BKF corruptions when the user can not restore the back up data, find missing contents or have to deal with some error messages such as - Unrecognizable file, Runtime error and CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) ...

Backup Recovery Software  v.12.10.01

Backup file created using Windows NT Backup utility can be damaged due to reasons like cyclic redundancy check error, virus attack, abrupt system shut down, etc. In case, the backup file is damaged, Windows NT Backup utility gets failed to restore it ...

AnyReader  v.3.14

Here are some situations where AnyReader can help: your CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray drive can't read a bad, scratched or trashed disks; the standard copying method fails because of an error, such as "(Bad CRC) A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) checksum ...

To WAV Converter  v.1.0.2

-Support of CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Checks) for better error protection can be switched On or Off.

To WAV Converter captures and converts to .wav format ALL audio streams from movies (excepting VOB files. Some video formats, such as MP4, ...

MIDI to MP3  v.1.0.3

Support of CRC Cyclic Redundancy Checks for better error protection.

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