Cycad Scale


Apex Scale PDF Print  v.

Scale PDF print software best PDF pages resizing utility for those users who want to resizing their multiple pages at single time. This advance version application is specialized version of PDF page resize utility which help to resizing PDF pages of selected ...

Apex Scale PDF Pages  v.

Scale PDF pages program use various resizing setting like relative size, fixed size or custom size and resize multiple numbers of PDF documents. PDF resizing utility is special approach for resizing multiple Adobe PDF pages using custom setting by increasing ...


Chord Scale Generator for Mac  v.1.2.2001

The Chord Scale Generator features a chord generator, chord finder, and scale finder, thus enables various interesting calculations around chords and scales. This software tool helps you to find all possible chord charts (including fingerings) for each ...

Altman Self Rating Mania Scale

The Altman Mania Rating Scale is a professional scale used in the diagnosis of manic symptoms in bipolar disorder. It consists of five items designed to assess both the presence and the severity of the symptoms. It may be used both on in an inpatient ...

Jazz Scale Suggester System Lite  v.3 4

The program explains relationships amongst the scales, such as how one scale leads into another.

You can either manually enter chords or import chord symbols from Band-in-a-Box ® files. Scale suggestions are based on conventional music ...

Scale & Chord Generator  v.3.0

Scale &Chord Generator is a utility that was developed for helping all people who learn to play different musical instruments. The application shows the notes of a user-selected chord or scale. The notes can be generated for musical staff, piano, guitar ...

Scale-Ruler  v.1.1.100310

Do you get drawings that were originally drawn to scale, but because the drawing has been reduced in a photocopier or fax, the drawings are at an odd scale?

Do you get drawings in a metric or imperial scale and you don't have the correct scale ...

Horizontal Scale Menu XML  v.1

FEATURES INCLUDED: * Font color-size of menu items * RollOver color of menu items * X-Y position of menu * Padding between menu items * X-Y scale of selected menu item * URL, target of menu items ...

Ugo Capetos Ear Training Scale  v.Note

"Ugo Capeto's Ear Training Scale Note" is a java software that trains your ear to recognize a (mystery) note among the notes of a given scale (major or minor). Extract rar archive file and double-click the jar file (needs java).Requirements:
* Java ...

Scale Graphics  v.1.0

Scale Graphics is an Adobe InDesign plugin, Quickly and easily adjust the size of all your graphics, an Adobe InDesign script that will help you quickly and easily adjust the size of all your graphics.
The issue has come up quite a few times that ...

XWedge Scanner / Scale Wedge  v.

xWedge Serial Weight Scale and Barcode Wedge Software.xWedge Serial Weight Scale and Barcode Wedge Software. Transfer serial data as keystrokes into your Windows applications. Bi-Directional Dual Serial Port To Keyboard Wedge Software.xWedge program enables ...

Scale Library  v.

Scale Library is a scale library with all the notes from all your favourite scales!

It contains every note, from every key, from every common scale, some exotic ones, and all the modes.

Scales include:
- minor
- major

Metro Scale  v.

Transform your WP7 in a mobile scale!

The best app with scale in real size, to provide a best experience this app also adapts to your theme.

** New Version - 1.4 **
- New Features
- Fix bugs and themes
- Fix animations ...

WiFi Scale Tracker  v.

WiFi Scale Tracker is a Windows Phone application for tracking your weight as measured by a Withings WiFi Body Scale, written by Dan Crevier. This application is not usable without a Withings scale and requires you to use your account.

Glasgow Coma Scale  v.

Glasgow Coma Scale application will evaluate the conscious state of a person. A patient is assessed against the criteria of the scale, and the resulting points give a patient score between 3 (severe imjuries) and 15 (minor injuries).
Choose between ...

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