Cute Dashboard Widget


My eBay Dashboard Widget  v.2.0

My eBay Dashboard Widget... This Dashboard widget allows you quick tracking of your eBay items. Including bidding, won and lost items. After registering with our site, you can watch your favorite items, jump to the auction and place your bids. * Also, ...

The Weather Channel Dashboard Widget  v.1.0

The Weather Channel Dashboard Widget provides all the weather information you need on your dashboard. It includes current weather conditions for your selected location and notifies you when severe weather alerts are in effect for your area. It also includes ...


San Jose Sharks Dashboard Widget  v.1.0

San Jose Sharks Dashboard Widget gives you San Jose Sharks news delivered directly to your desktop via Dashboard. computer software testing tools java at bauphysik und software wärmebrückenanalyse ...

ILounge Dashboard Widget  v.1.6

iLounge Dashboard Widget — Want easy access to our news stories, latest reviews, and FAQs at any time? Mac OS X Tiger users can now download the iLounge Dashboard Widget, a free tool that provides immediate desktop access to all of our latest updates.

Azureus Dashboard Widget  v.0.11

The Azureus Dashboard Widget provides a compact, friendly interface for monitoring and managing BitTorrent downloads. It's especially useful for remote torrent management S for instance, if you use a machine other than your main workstation for BitTorrent ...

PLIWatch's Dashboard Widget  v.1.0

PLIWatch's Dashboard Widget is a Dashboard widget that pulls the latest headlines and article summaries from for payday loan and cash advance news, podcasts, and press releases into the widget on your dashboard.Clicking any headline launches ...

Kuler Dashboard Widget  v.1.0

Kuler Dashboard Widget is a window into the world of Adobe Kuler - Adobe's newly updated web-based color theme serch and share application.This widget puts the latest and best color scheme's right at your fingertips, along with the hex values. kuler.

Tweetahead Dashboard Widget  v.2.0

Tweetahead Dashboard Widget allows you to schedule messages in advance (commonly referred to as dTweetsN) on the popular Twitter service. This means that your friends (or otherwise) will be able to know exactly what youNre doing even what your not at ...

MVV Dashboard Widget  v.0.964

MVV Dashboard Widget enables direct access to timetables of public transport in Munich/Germany. EFA Dashboard Widgets. Mit einem EFA Widget kann man die elektronische Fahrplanauskunft direkt im Dashboard abfragen. Viele Verkehrsbetriebe setzen f+-r die ...

VVS Dashboard Widget  v.0.964

VVS Dashboard Widget provides direct access to timetables of public transport in Stuttgart/Germany.

Dashboard Widget Xcode Template  v.1.0

Can't wait for Tiger? Want to start developing Dashboard widgets now? Get started quickly and easily with the Dashboard Widget Xcode Template.Installation - To install the template, create a new folder called "Dashboard" in the /Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer ... Dashboard Widget  v.1.0

com Dashboard Widget gives you daily doses of inspiration on your dashboard from | Your online community for personal and spiritual growth.

Moon Exploration Dashboard Widget  v.1.0

View the sky from anywhere on the Moon, for any date, including presets for 11 Apollo mission sites. Each mission site shows a real photographic panorama, and the sky as it would have appeared on that date. Hover above and explore craters and other features.

Energy Schedule  v.1.0.1

Energy Schedule, a cute Dashboard widget, reveals the computer's queued power events.Software applications use power events to aid automation and schedule changes in the computer's power state; such as waking from sleep or switching off.The widget's front ...

Online Chat Reference  v.1.0

Dashboard Widget allows you to look up online chat acronyms and abbreviations directly from the Mac OS X Dashboard. Each acronym and abbreviation includes a popularity ranking and additional information about how the term is used.The Chat Reference widget ...

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