Custom Maps


OkCustomMap  v.1.0.0

OkCustomMap is a software to produce Garmin Custom Maps.

Supports many map formats:
- OkMap
- Ecw
- GeoTiff
- World files
- OziExplorer
- GpsTuner

You can customize:

- The quality of the ...

EAWMapEditor  v.1.0

04 is required in order to play custom maps created by the editor. Please note that the editor is not supported and is only available in English.


G-Raster  v.2 9

G-Raster program turbocharges the process of creating raster Custom Maps for your Garmin GPS receiver. It lets you easily convert KMZ overlay files calibrated in Google Earth, using images larger than 1024 x 1024 pixels, by chopping them up into smaller ...

CarryOn  v.

But Sid travels smart! With CarryOn he always has his lists of favorite places and custom maps at his many fingertips. One click and he is getting driving directions and navigation to any of his favorite points of interest, sharing places with others ...

WorldEditor  v.

It allows players to create and customize their own scenarios and campaigns(and custom maps like DotA) with a high level of detail and flexibility.
*This beta version do not contains the scenarios customization feature*

Download Arcane's ...

Peace Tactics  v.

If this is not enough you can still create your own custom maps or adjust the difficulty to create a real challenge.

• NEW: Hotseat Multiplayer for two players
• Extensive help and tutorial campaign with three maps
• ...

GpsTools Studio 2.3.1 build  v.227

GpsTools Studio is a useful tool for the GpsGate Server users that want to create custom maps in order to use them for tracking the GPS devices. The program allows you to import a map from a popular image file and to export it to a compatible format.

AnyMap JS Maps  v.7.12.0

Custom maps can be created from any SHP map.

AnyMap JS maps are fully compatible with other AnyChart JS Charts' HTML5 charting solutions - AnyChart JS (basic JavaScript charts), AnyStock JS (date/time JavaScript/HTML5 charts, e.g. financial ...

Invade Earth  v.6.0

Features of the game include the following:

- Multiple rule sets and maps, including Invade Earth A.D. 2210, Classic, Secret Mission, and Pantheon (our version of Risk: Godstorm)
- Several expansions with new rules to play by
- Play ...

TurboRisk  v.2.0

- Companion program to create your own custom maps.
- History of the played games and ranking of the players.
- 'Quick setup' feature to save the entire configuration of the players.
- Menu option to download news and updates from ...

Lightning Study Bible  v.2 6

Lets you search and browse over 1,100 ancient and modern sites and create custom maps.

Euratlas Periodis Expert English Demo  v.1.0

- Print or export custom maps.

Invade Earth Map Editor  v.3. 1. 2004

Main Features:

- Play against your friends, either at home or across the Internet
- Create your own custom maps
- Set custom rule values to alter gameplay
- Multiple rule sets and maps, including Invade Earth A.D.

Real Tanks War  v.

* 3 types of the enemies
* 3 types of the AI (Artificial intelligence)
* 6 types of the bonuses
* 4 types of the weapons
* Many game settings
* Inner maps editor
* Custom maps generator ...

Combat Mission: Afghanistan  v.1.01

The fully featured editor will of course allow players to create all new custom maps and missions. CM Afghanistan is not just a mission pack: based on the latest CM engine in development, the game includes all new artwork, terrain, new units, new weapons, ...

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