Custom Headers


JTouch  v.0.119b

Supports IBM and SUN JSSE, low level SSL configuration, authentication, cookies, and custom headers. This a good tool for debugging proxies, web servers, and automating complex page checking. A simple HTTP browser to help you with your work.JTouch Features:

GemTracker Pro

Prints custom headers, labels for Gem papers and mailing.


24U Email OSAX  v.4.0.1

This statement allows you to send e-mails via your favorite SMTP host, use all standard e-mail headers (To, Cc, Bcc, From, Reply-To), add custom headers (such as X-Priority), and attach files to your e-mails. Software developer of File Maker Pro Plug-ins ...

3Hub  v.1.0.7

? Queue files and directories for download or upload? Throttle your download and upload bandwidth? Keep track of other S3 users you want to share files with or give permissions to? Using the "Auto apply" feature, you can automatically set permissions on newly uploaded files? Using the Shares feature, you can share buckets for other 3Hub users, and view files they've shared with you? Rename files? Bucket to bucket copying? Set bulk permissions on buckets and files? Create torrent links and temporary URLs that expire? Custom headers, set on ...


TLS/SSL, HTML mails with embedded images, ESMTP, send a web page, send with a single line of code, send to IIS SMTP queue, read and delivery receipt, secure authentication (NTLM, etc), international charsets, attachments, custom headers, XML, streams, ...

SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter for .NET  v.1.2

NET - Community Edition Features

- Generate pdf documents up to 5 pages
- Convert any web page to pdf
- Convert any raw html string to pdf
- Set pdf page settings (page size, page orientation, page margins)
- Resize content during conversion to fit the pdf page
- Set pdf document properties
- Set pdf viewer preferences
- Set pdf security (passwords, permissions)
- Set conversion delay and web page navigation timeout
- Custom headers and footers
- ...

News Poster Pro  v.

Features include: Message batch management for each day of the week, Add an unlimited number of file attatchments (Pictures-Html-Sounds), Bulk posting, 'Autopost' a complete directory of pictures or files, Custom headers, Multiple server ready, Too many ...

NMailDirect  v.2 4

Configure unlimited sender email accounts and custom headers. Custom headers will be added to each messages you send from that account. It sends individually addressed message to each recipients in the selected group. You can compose and send Plain Text ...

Fun Thumbs  v.1.0

The HTML album is fully configurable and even allows you to add in your own custom headers and footers. To allow you to organize your collections, Fun Thumbs also gives you the option of including image names, sizes and/or dates to the html page.

Vyooh DiskView  v.2 3

* Print support for DiskView reports, with custom headers and footer.
* Pie chart and bar chart report options.
* Export charts to PNG, JPG and BMP format, or copy to clipboard .
* Instant Charts: Instant generation of charts as you ...

SMTP Wizard ActiveX  v.3.0

Comes with SMTPMessage object which makes creating an RFC 822 compliant message incredibly easy Custom headers and values Multiple TO , CC and BCC recipients Add file attachments Communicate over secure channels when talking to a SSL enabled server Send ...

OstroSoft SMTP Component  v.6 2

Supports multiple recipients, email (MIME) attachments, AUTH and POP3 authentication, HTML email, custom headers.

Dark Mailer  v.1 38

Some of the features include:
*Anonymous Mailing using Proxies
*Message Randomization to bypass Spam Filters
*Speeds over 500K emails per hour on Turbo Mode
*Up to 1000 Threads
*Unlimited Email List Size (up to 100 Million per file)
*HTML and Plain Text Emails
*Tag Macros to personalize and randomize emails
*Custom Headers ...

Easy Blogs  v.2006

Additional features include different entry types, article pages, auto-archiving by date, custom headers and more. The pages are automatically uploaded to a specified FTP location with the click of a button. Easy to use with enough flexibility for more ...

Troi URL Plug-In  v.2.0.3

However the Troi URL Plug-in can do much more: * use the POST method to send data * get images into containers * set custom headers * set cookies * get data without showing the page on a layout (no render time) * and more...

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