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CashFlow  v.

CashFlow is a custom add-on application for Meridian Prolog. It integrates cleanly into the Prolog Manager switchboard, and uses the same SQL database as your Prolog database. It utilizes the budgeted amounts from prologs budget table.

It it ...

Sparx' EA - MDG for TRAK  v.1.0

Custom add-in (MDG technology) for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect UML modelling tool to create architecture descriptions using TRAK http://sf.net/projects/trakProvides:- the set of TRAK views that can be represented using UML. Each view display a ...


BirdyAdder  v.3.0.0

Add IDOCOs to Blacklist or Whitelist. Statistics for followed, unfollowed, messaged and tweets posted! New!Monitor RSS feed and send tweets! New!Filter your targets by location and # of followers/following. New!Anti-Flood feature which deletes your previous ...

Your Birthday News  v.5.6

- Choose from 6 different pre-made headlines or create custom.
- Add a multiple line personal message to bottom of page.
- Now includes Years Ahead, allowing you to send someone a different news page each year, depicting events that occured ...

WoW UI Designer  v.1.1.110

In order to maintain the game as flexible as possible, developers allowed creation of custom add-ons used as interface elements. There are thousands of such add-ons developed by fans and new ones are made every day.
WoW UI Designer helps with the ...

Nvn Installer  v.1.0

Using Nvn Installer you can do all following for FREE!,

* Install your software into program files or any custom INSTALL DIRECTORY
* Install files and folder into system folders like Windows, Local, Application Data etc

Custom Calendar Maker  v.2.0

Custom Calendar Maker allows you to make your own calendars that you can customize with your pictures and photos. You can add your personal events, save your customized calendar to a bitmap file or print it to paper. Some features available are: make ...

Add-in Express Toys for VSTO and Excel

This is a free sample add-in (ready to install and use) that adds a number of useful features to Microsoft Excel. The add-in is based on the innovative Add-in Express technology and gives you an example of developing Excel add-ins, creating custom toolbars ...

VB Friend  v.2.0

Add indentation, complete missing code, auto-correct, backup, and get more desktop space. VB Friend beautifies code and helps you write more of it in less time. Add missing variables, type less with macros, complete missing brackets. Works as add-in to ...

TFAdder Twitter Friend Adder  v.3.00

TFAdder is a twitter friend follow adder, its very easy to add follows and get followers to your twitter account using our software. It can add or remove your twitter friends follows automatically. You can get more than 2000 vistors everyday by using ...

Blaine's Custom Torn Titles  v.2.0

Blaine's Custom Torn Titles it is a Windows Movie Maker add-on. It allows you to add custom transitions/effects/titles. These titles have been designed to work with either the XP version or the Vista version of Movie Maker. The look is similar to notebook ...

BRIS Custom PP Generator  v.2.286

BRIS Custom PP Generator is an easy to use software which allows you to add your own Notes for start, race, horse and distance/surface.
You can also create and print your own customized Past Performances.
The software is compatible with many ...

Custom QuickLabel  v.6 3

Custom QuickLabel® Photo is a full-featured software suite that makes it easy to create and print customizable labels with QuickLabel's Vivo! Touch, Zeo! and Vivo! photo-quality digital color label printers.

You can design labels with Custom ...

Twiogle Twitter Friend Adder  v.

With other Twitter friend adders it requires that you have a 'Chore' of clicking a button every day and adding new friends. Twiogle Twitter Friend Adder removes this chore and automatically adds new friends for your Twitter accounts every day automatically.

Color Swatch Add-in for PowerPoint  v.1 1

Color Swatch Add-in for PowerPoint allows you to quickly create custom color themes.

You can choose any of the twelve available theme combinations, where you can specify any of the twelve colors available. The best thing about this is that ...

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