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Small Business Billing Software

Small business billing software is specifically designed to keep track of all sales and purchase orders of your organization in the current running year. Advanced invoicing management utility ensures security for company owner and institution by providing ...

ProduKey  v.1.53

You can view this information for your current running operating system, or for another operating system/computer - by using command-line options. This software can be useful if you lost the product key of your Windows/Office, and you want to reinstall ...


RouterConsole  v.1.0

Cisco intended features

Show current running configuration, and tables like ip-accounting, memory, process, interface etc.

Router IP Console  v.

Cisco(r) intended features: Show current running config; CPU and memory load monitoring; environmental monitoring; IP accounting monitoring; description for router's interfaces; interface load monitoring; basic support for voice interfaces. Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003 ...

Magic Utilities 2008  v.5 52

Its key features include: Displaying a list of all running programs and allowing the user to force-quit frozen applications, displaying details of certain running program, so as to facilitate the user to find out harmful background processes, such as spyware, viruses and worms, exporting uninstall programs, startup programs and current running programs ...

Direct Registry Browser  v.1.16.2

With Direct Registry Browser you can recover registry data/registry keys to analyse or to import into your current running registry.
Direct Registry Browser supports direct registry component files opening/parsing/visualization so you can ...

Caffeine  v.1.5

appexit - terminates current running instance of application
7. appon - makes the current running instance of the software active
8. appoff - makes the current running instance of the software inactive
9. apptoggle - toggles the running state ...

Net Cruiser  v.2.1 Build 1224

Manage remote computers current running processes.
9. Manage remote computers current windows.
10. Manage and control the remote computers services system.
11. Execute command line on the remote computer.
12. Manager remote computers ...

GVD Process Task Utility  v.

GVD Process Task Utility is a strong process terminating software, will display all your current running processes and allows you to quickly terminate it.

Current Comparative Table  v.1.0

Current Comparative Table is a bioinformatics tool for running searches (like BLAST) with large sets of genes.It creates a table that allows you to view many results in many databases and downloads databases daily to ensure the most up-to-date results.

Running Recorder  v.2.7.8

RunningRecorder is a software for recording Running Programs,Folders or Webpage,and replay at anytime.

Speed Up Slow Running Laptop  v.

Speed Up Slow Running Laptop software is the simple and secure program that allows you to speed up and enhance the performance of slow running laptops. It is the most popular user satisfied program and it has powerful in-built algorithm to speed up laptop ...

Windows Elapsed Running Time  v.1 6

There are several occasions when it could be helpful to know how long your computer has been running. Perhaps you need to check the last system shutdown, or to see if a power cut interrupted your system, or maybe your PC or laptop computer is simply slowing ...

Current Weather  v.

Current Weather provides the actual weather condition in a system tray icon
for over 4000 locations worldwide.
If the weather report gets updated, the changes will be reflected in the
Current Weather icon in the system ...

Running Timer for Opera  v.1.7.3-3

Running Timer for Opera is an Opera Extension, will show how long the Opera runs, and furnish alarms to call attention to user. This extension has can show how long the Opera runs and record it. Now it support multiple alarm timers. On the popup page ...

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