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Extended Keys Manager  v.1.0

Control Caps, Num, and Scroll Lock Keyboard Keys with Keyboard Software Utility. Control Initial State of Extended Keys with Simple and Easy to Use Software Utility. The Keyboard Software Utility Exits from memory after setting the configured state of ...

Keyboard Indicator  v.

Keyboard Indicator is a small utility for showing desktop notification messages for the Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock and Insert key presses.
It is useful for those who do not have a keyboard with led indicators or wish to get desktop notifications ...


TrayStatus Portable  v.1.2.3

TrayStatus can show you the following information in your taskbar's notification area (system tray): Num Lock status Caps Lock status Scroll Lock status Alt key status Ctrl key status Shift key status Windows key status Hard Drive activity (read or ...

Clever Keyboard Indicator

The Clever Keyboard Indicator is a program which stays in your Windows system tray and displays "Caps Lock", "Num Lock" and "Scroll Lock" status, allows you to switch key status, plays a sound when the key status changed and many more. You can display ...

SteadyMouse  v.1 3

Quick enable/disable using the scroll lock key .Simple design for easy configuration.

KeyState  v.1.0.0

KeyState is a simple small software which shows the state of the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock Keys.Changes can be indicated visually as well as auditory. The software can be minimised to the notification area with the icon there indicating changes ...

KbdLedTray  v.0.2

Bare bones Windows software that displays indicators for the the caps lock, number lock, and scroll lock keys. Useful for wireless keyboards and other keyboard that do not have indicators on them.

KbdEdit Full  v.1 1

You can even reprogram such unyielding keys as Caps/Num/Scroll Lock and Numpad keys.

Missing the right Ctrl, which was expelled from your laptop's keyboard in favor of the 'context menu' key you never use? With KbdEdit, nothing easier ...

Wireless Keyboard Indicator  v.3.0

You can double-click the Ctrl key to view (left and right Ctrl key can be defined)
4. to provide custom functionality displayed image. By the appropriate state of the pictures can be put skin directory. (This directory is non-essential, if not, will ...

AutoScroll for Opera  v.1.8.109

Hold CTRL(this key can be changed).
2. Move MOUSE. Page scrolls the direction.
3. Release CTRL. Scroll speed will be fixed.
4. To stop scroll fire CTRL.
1. Trigger-key is CTRL key by default.
2. You can select it from ...

WinKB CapsLock and NumLock Utility  v.2.0

This keyboard utility modifies your shift key so that it turns the caps lock off when you no longer need it. You can also set it to turn off the caps lock with a combination of the shift key and an alphabetical character, allowing you to insert characters ...

Neat Mouse  v.1.02.055

Key features of NeatMouse: NeatMouse can be activated by one of the following keys: Num Lock, Scroll Lock, Caps Lock. Select one of the Ctrl, Alt or Shift buttons for alternate speed modifiers. When this button is pressed, mouse pointer moves with ...

KeyboardTest  v.3.0.1000

With this program you will be able to check your keyboard LEDs (the Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock indicator lights) and measure your typing speed. KeyboardTest comes with many keyboard layouts so that you can choose the one of them which is more ...

DriveGLEAM  v.1 10

DriveGLEAM can also use your keyboard's scroll lock LED as a activity indicator.

KeyLaunch  v.2. 1. 2007

Then, when you need it, simply press the Scroll Lock key and start typing a couple of letters from the document you're looking for.

It doesn't matter the type of document; whether it is an MP3, a Word document, an Internet shortcut or even ...

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