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Software Informer

Whenever a more recent version of any program becomes available, Software Informer notifies the user and offers a link for downloading the update. It also allows one to keep track of comments and questions on corresponding software, ensuring effortless ...

Garmin WebUpdater  v.2. 5. 2004

Upgrading software for your Garmin GPS just got easier thanks to WebUpdater-Garmin's free new application that automatically detects and installs the most recent version of operating software for your compatible Garmin GPS. WebUpdater's simple interface ...


Avdump GUI  v.1.0.7

The GUI package includes the most recent version of Avdump as well.
You can scan either files of folders also scan multiple files.

Set your AniDB user name and API password in the options menu.


The recent version allows to convert your standard Internet Explorer favorites into visual bookmarks. Now you can manage visual bookmarks by using the 'Organize Favorites' Internet Explorer function. Also you can produce an html page containing visual ...

Titan FTP Server (64-bit)  v.8.40.1338

Make sure that you have the most recent version of Titan FTP Server. You can download the most recent version from our Web site at www.titanftp.com/
2. Double-click the installation file to start the installation process. NOTE: If you are installing ...

FrogOrigami  v.

Just jump around and eat flies as an origami frog!

http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=7b0eefc5-687b-4e34-9af9-56c7436451e5 ...

Twirl  v.1 7

AIR allows desktop software development using popular web techniques like XHTML/CSS or Flash/Flex. twhirl requires the most recent version of AIR (beta 3) to be installed on the client computer. There are a lot more things twhirl can do to improve your ...

NVidia FCode flasher  v.1.1

This firmware update is for customers using Mac OS X version 10.2 or later with an Apple Cinema HD Display and a Power Mac G4 with one of the following:NVIDIA graphics cards:GeForce2 MXGeForce2 MX TwinViewGeForce3 GeForce4MX.It is recommended that the ...

MSDE Manager

It has a Transact SQL screen and in-built web updating to keep users on the most recent version. MSDE Manager has in built help. Back up, restore, attach, detach, and shrink databases. Schedule jobs. Supports SQL Express ...

Streambox Vcr Suite 2  v.

You should start using the most recent version (1.0 Beta 3.1 SMF+turbo) and try the other ones only if this one does not work for you.

StreamBox Ripper allows you to make a copy of any CD track or audio file just by dragging it onto the program's ...

SLUDGE Engine  v.1 6

It runs in any recent version of Windows and now also on Mac OS X and Linux. It's high-res (any resolution you want) and uses 32-bit colour.

To make your own SLUDGE games you'll be needing the SLUDGE Development Kit; to play the games, the ...

Homers Beer Run  v.

There is a more recent version which you can download or play online at Syndicatesdomain's site.

As with other games offered at NowStat, the installation wizard of this one asks you to install HiGame's toolbar and to make several changes to ...

VNC Deployment Tool  v.1. 6. 2015

- Deploy to multiple hosts-remotely install the latest version of VNC Enterprise Edition in a single step.
- One-click license key management-ensure that your deployment continues to work with the most recent version of VNC Enterprise Edition.

JIMCO Software POWERpack  v.1.0.3

With POWERpack, you can always ensure that you have the most recent version of the most popular add-ins because it includes the ability automatically keep you up to date.
POWERpack will check for updates every 15 days when you log into your computer.

WebcamAMP  v.1 4

Please visit the developers website above for more detailed info on the capabilities of webcamAMP, and to ensure you have the most recent version, or to suggest new features. webcamAMP is the Webcam Amplifier ..Check it out!! webcamAMP is compatible ...

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