Cruise Countdown Timers


Countdown Timers  v.0.1

Two programs, one in Java and one in Javascript, which display a configurable graphical countdown timer on a computer. Useful for testing situations and short-range anticipated events.

MultiTimerZ  v.

MultiTimerZ is a powerful, yet easy to use timer application for your desktop

Create unlimited beautiful timers and place them anywhere on your desktop. Choose between countdown timers and alarm clock timers.
Auto-resume, auto-reset and ...


YTimer  v.1.0.0046

This program lets you set up a number of countdown timers, with an audio alert and a popup window when the countdown reaches zero. Timers are specified in days/hours/minutes/seconds, and if you close the program with active timers it will automatically ...


Easily adjust countdown timers and trading schedules to any world time zone, calculate position profit/loss and price data, display contract trading months and codes, access exchange links, set alerts, and customize settings.

YTimer2  v.2.0

This program lets you run an unlimited number of countdown timers, with a popup message and an optional audio alert when the countdown reaches zero. You can also choose to run a program or open a URL in your default browser when the timer goes off.

Timer Uppercut  v.

Set extensive countdown timers. Timer Uppercut makes it easy for anyone to set extensive countdown timers, with an easy-to-use user interface, alerting sounds and the possibility to import/export the schedule. It's developed in the C# programming language ...

Cooking Timer Pro  v.

Comes with 3 simulations timers that can be used as countdown timers or stopwatch timers.

The timers are easy to use thanks to its single tap technique for setting timers.

New features:
• Runs in background
• ...

DeekFit Gym  v.

DeekFit Gym is the ultimate tool for anyone that goes to the gym!
Enter & track workouts, view stats, build routines, auto-countdown timers, tabata intervals, monitor your weight, set goals, keep daily notes, add custom exercises, calculate your BMI, ...

ProTimersPlus  v.2.3

ProTimersPlus has 12 Countdown Timers, 8 Stopwatches (count-up timers), 2 Alarm Clocks, and 4 World Clocks, along with a Giga Digital Clock and Date view. There are 29 color themes and 15 Sound FX to choose from.When any Alarm Clock or Countdo ...

Timer Utility  v.4.1.2003

An all purpose time management tool consisting of multiple alarms, countdown timers, date countdowns, stopwatches.Use Timer Utility to manage your day or any tasks with ease. With it's simple and intuitive user interface, creating and editing ...

Timer Utility Pro  v.4.1.2003

An all purpose time management tool consisting of multiple alarms, countdown timers, date countdowns, stopwatches, and an all new Time Tracking feature.Timer Utility Pro is inclusive of all the features and functionality from the standard vers ...

Stopwatch Xi  v.

Stopwatch Xi is a free, simple and reliable twin Stopwatch/Countdown timer app for windows phone with a multitude of features. It is especially great for sporting activities. With Stopwatch Xi you can effortlessly record your lap times and share them ...

Easy Timer  v.

It also keeps track of the timer if the app is closed, and the timers are resumed if you open the app again. Mango is now supported by this version! The app has a Metro Style GUI and has Stopwatch & Countdown timers that can be run simultaneously.


Quickly display essential trading information for any number of exchanges using Fast Graphic technology, set custom alerts, access exchange links, customize display settings, and easily adjust countdown timers and trading schedules to any world time ...

WorldTimer  v.5.65.8

In addition to this, WorldTimer contains the ability to add user configurable countdown timers.

WorldTimer is especially useful for people who are in contact with friends and business associates in other parts of the world. In fact, ...

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