Cross Pix Game


Egypt Cross Number

The main goal of the Cross Number game is similar to a crossword puzzle: to fill in horizontal or vertical lines in the grid. However, instead of the clues and words you get a set of predefined numbers to use. There is only one right solution to a puzzle ...

Pipmak Game Engine  v.1.0

Pipmak is a cross-platform game engine and authoring environment for point-and-click adventure games in the style of the Myst series. It supports panoramic nodes and uses Lua for scripting.


Pyzzle - A Myst Game Engine  v.0.9

Pyzzle is a cross-platform game engine for creating large-scale, 2D Myst-like adventure games. The engine supports 2D panoramas, features an intuitive design mode, and allows users to download content from the internet. Pyzzle is written using Pygame.

Klest-crossword  v.1.2.3

The cross-platform game for guessing the crossword puzzles. Designed for professional compiling, editing and easy guessing american and classic the crossword puzzles. Contains more than 1,000 crossword puzzles to guess. Provides a lot of tools for creating ...

OpenKlest  v.1.0.0

Cross-platform game based on solving a classic crossword puzzles. Contains about 2000 crossword puzzles to guess. This game is a kind of project-port the game of Klest-crossword to Lazarus (Delphi). The aim was to attract everyone to participate in the ...

Little Mess

At the beginning of this game there will be a mess of dots and lines crossing each other, the object of this game is to clean up the mess by moving the dots so that the lines no longer cross. This game tests your patience and ability to organize.

Apples Meet Durians  v.

Apples meet Durians is a cross-platform game which provides great fun while training your reaction.
Are you ready to catch apples but avoid being hit by durians?
Different levels which contain different obstacles to hinder you from ...

Gambatte  v.2

Gambatte is an accuracy-focused, cross-platform Game Boy Color emulator. It is based on a few thousand corner-case hardware tests, as well as previous documentation and reverse engineering efforts.

Star Control TimeWarp  v.5

An open source sequel/clone of the classic cross-genre game Star Control II, with internet support.

Red Cross ERU  v.3 3

Red Cross ERU will make you feel like an apprentice and train you in the apprentice skill program to help people in different situations with the objective to prevent human suffering. This great simulation will train you in survival and helping skills.

PDAcraft Lines  v.1.1.0

The game is over, when the entire board is filled with balls.


Linx is an unique logical game. You are presented with an operating field divided into 168 tiles - fourteen squares in a row and twelve per column! On the playfield you will find Bases occupying these tiles. Your objective is to connect the bases of the ...

Xcheckers  v.

Xcheckers is a HIT strategy game.

This game requires attentiveness, cleverness.


Xcheckers goal is to have only cristal balls on the checkerboard composed of cristal and purple ...

Buscayasminas  v.1.0

Buscayasminas is an open source "Minesweeper" alike game totally written in DHTML (JavaScript, CSS and HTML) that uses mouse and keyboard optionally. This cross-platform and cross-browser game was tested under BeOS, Linux, *BSD, Windows and others.

Gamoliyas  v.1.0

Gamoliyas is an open source John Conway's Game of Life game totally written in DHTML (JavaScript, CSS and HTML). Uses mouse and keyboard. Very configurable. This cross-platform and cross-browser game was tested under BeOS, Linux, *BSD, Windows and other ...

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