Creating Personal Dictionary


Personal Dictionary  v.0.4

Personal Dictionary is a simple software designed to enable you to compare two text files and give out words, which differs.

Shoshi English to Bangla Dictionary  v.1 4

Shoshi English to Bangla Dictionary is a complete dictionary software with all the current words.

The main purpose of creating the dictionary is to help the researchers, teachers & students who needs a dictionary very frequently.

This ...


Cruise Control - Rapid Mail Responder

Finally the solution to Email Overload! Cruise Control, Rapid Email Response Software, the fastest tool available for creating personal replies to your overflowing Inbox of messages. Every message you send will be better written and more detailed than ...

AstroLoka Basic  v.2 4

AstroLoka Basic is a complete application for creating personal horoscopes based on the only very basic features.

The program includes important Horoscope details: planets position, Rasi, Ashta Vargas, Navamsa, Bhava, Vargas and Vimshothari ...

ASC Free English to English & Urdu Dictionary  v.1.0

ASC Free English to English & Urdu Dictionary is useful dictionary software with almost all the current words. More than 37,000 English words are stored in this language translator software. You can find meaning of available English word in both English ...

Mobipocket Creator  v.4.2

Creator includes a full-featured ebook creator wizard that allows to make photo albums, date books, cooking recipe databases, personal dictionaries, travel guides, quizzes, restaurant guides, and more. Add metadata items and predefined bookmark links ...

Jordic  v.

Jordic is offline dictionary viewer which supports PDIC file format. You can download PDIC files from SkyDrive. PDIC(Personal Dictionary) is famous dictionary software developed by TaN and a lot of free or commercial dictionaries are provided as PDIC ...

A-Media Scanner  v.1 6

Powered by the state-of-the-art XML and XSL technologies, A−Media Scanner is a perfect tool for creating personal multimedia library as well as sophisticated professional Web sites with music and video content.
A−Media Scanner indexes local or ...

AmitySource UserBar Generator  v.2 2

It has everything you need for creating personal userbars: you can choose colors, special effect, pattern, a glow effect, an overlay image for your composition. AmitySource Userbar Generator allows to save the created userbar in different popular formats.

NoteShare Viewer  v.2.6.2000

NoteTaker combines the power of the built-in outliner with a visually rich notebook interface for organizing information and creating personal notebooks. About AquaMinds NoteShare for OS X: Sharing Made SimpleNoteShare is a powerful desktop application ...

Personal Web Dictionary

The primary use of Personal Web Dictionary is to store your custom dictionary online, which allows you to access your list from any computer and add entries from anywhere, too. You can also use tags to organize and remember your entries.

TLex Dictionary Production Software  v.

TLex is a professional, fully internationalized software suite for creating dictionaries, glossaries or terminology lists, with many specialised features for reducing dictionary production time and cost, and increasing quality and consistency of the resulting ...

Personal Finances Lite

Personal Finances is a fast and easy-to-use home accounting program. It helps users keep record of their expenses, logs regular ones automatically and allows creating an unlimited number of transaction categories. The program also has a multi-base support, ... Personal Information Center  v.4.00

Many kinds of personal data can be organized on your computer. This program includes all features for creating and saving password data, private diary entries, birthday data, calendar entries, databases and personal addresses in one easy to use software ...

Personal Numerologist  v.5.1.4

Personal Numerologist is a serious tool for creating numerology personality, compatibility and forecast reports, as well as detailed charts with over 1065 important numbers for you to interpret yourself when doing your own readings. This easy to use program ...

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