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FreeExtractot  v.1.44.02

FreeExtractor is the easiest way to create self-extracting archives for Windows from existing ZIP files. It is an excellent open-source solution for packaging software programs and for distributing files to friends and colleagues over the Internet. Features: ...

Abylon SELFCERT  v.11.00.2

This Tool create self-signed test certificates (X.509 v3) for private use. It is very easy to create and you can encrypt your data with this certificate. Functional range: 1. Generation of self-signed X.509 v3 test certificates - 2. Automatic installation ...



Create self-extracting EXE files to send to friends and family and they don't have to have RightClickEncrypt installed to view the files!

Auto Backup  v.

You can create self-restore archive. Flexible backup date and time are specified to backup automatically. You can start backup and restore manually at any convenient time. It can work as a Windows NT/2000/XP service too, you can backup your data without ...

FileMSB  v.1 1

It can also create self-extracting files which could be opened by anyone who has the password but not the program. It is also useful for creating an installation of a program.

Crush file feature can be used to shred a file. That ...

WinShrink  v.1.0

WinShrink is a very useful program that allows you to compress/decompress and encrypt/decrypt files, make backups, upload zipped files into an FTP location, create self extraction files, convert compressed files, and UU/XX encoding. For compressing files ...

CoffeeCup Free Zip Wizard  v.3.0

Free Zip Wizard can also run any program or setup file inside ZIP files and It can also create self-extracting .exe files and find all the ZIP files on your system, too.CoffeeCup Free Zip Wizard walks you through the process of opening, creating, modifying, ...

Screen Saver Toolkit  v.3 1

You can also create self contained slide show presentations with the provided projector. You can easily choose the image files you want to include, arrange them in any sequence you like, attach WAV audio files to eachslide, and then generate your own ...

Arclab Packager MK1  v.

This enables you to transport large files on disk, restore archives, repair archives, and create self-extracting archives. The program supports 2.88MB disks, 1.44MB disks , 1.2MB disks, Iomega Zip 100 disks, as well as those in user-defined formats.

Advanced Encryption Package 2002  v.1 4

AEP2002's most noteworthy feature may be its flexibility and military grade encryption: Not only can you encrypt files for your own protection but you can easily create 'self-decrypting' versions of your files that others can run witthout needing AEP2002.

Stardust Wallpaper Packager 2003 TE  v.

Create self-installing wallpaper for easy bundling or distribution with your screen saver setup programs.

Stardust Wallpaper Packager 2003 converts images into self-installing wallpaper files. Just double-click a wallpaper package that you've ...

WG Screensaver Creator  v.1.0

Why not be innovative and create self made screensavers, this tool helps in doing this task. The software supports simple features and easy to go around interface with image and video formats like; bmp, jpg, gif and swf. The screen savers created ...

Absolute Packager  v.1 1

Absolute Packager lets you create self-extracting zip files quickly and easily. Its polished, fully customizable self-extracting zip files are designed to inspire confidence and maximize end-user convenience.

Use the self-extracting ...

FontZip XP  v.5.1

FontZip XP allows you to easily create self-extracting, self-installing fonts.

SelfExtract  v.1.0

SelfExtract can help you to create Self-Extracted Executable. It allow you to create a Self-Extracted executable with minimal overhead.
When the operating system is executing an executable file, it knows how to execute it due to the PE header which ...

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