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Web Page Archiver

Web Page Archiver is an add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows you to effectively and quickly create archives out of Internet publications and export these archives into files in the popular Compiled HTML Help (CHM) format. If you are looking ...

ScMangwa  v.1 20

For manga fans, this software will allow them to form a complete library of image format book and create archives (MGWA format, specific to ScMangwa) containing their entire series, or simply the volumes of the series, so you can better organize your ...


Files Wrapper  v.1.0

It is one of the few applications that is able to create archives with an exe extension. Select files you want to wrap or drag and drop for adding files and press Wrap Files. For unpacking just click on the exe file and select a folder to unwrap.

BigCloud Archives  v.

BigCloud lets you create Archives in which you can store any number of files. You can store all your files in one big archive, or create lots of archives with more specific groups of files. There are a few things to consider before you start building ...

BulkZip File Compressor  v.7.5.48218.5018

- Create compressed archives
- Secure with military strength encryption

BulkZip features cutting edge technology that allows you to create archives that can be up to 3x times smaller in size than with comparable technology.

Full ...

ScrapBook MAF Creator  v.1.1.3

It has some great features and it will create archives from pages stored with Scrapbook but it has the limitation of not storing additional data that is downloaded and stored with scrapbook, such as linked files or site data deeper than the front page.

Springy  v.1.4.2

Springy includes a Finder contextual menu plug-in, that can be used to create archives, add files in archives, extract whole archives, compress and decompress files, all with just one right mouse click in Finder. But even more, it enables browsing files ...

Smart Zipper Pro  v.3.60

Main Features:
1 EXTRACT over 20 different archive formats ranging from RAR, 7z, ISO, CAB, Zip, StuffIt, Lzma, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, EXE, PAX, MSI, Arj, Z and much more

2 CREATE archives easily. 7z, Zip, Gzip, Tar, Bzip2 could ...

TurboFTP SDK  v.1.61.932

tgz) formats and create archives in these formats.
- Comes with fully tested samples for VB, VB.NET, VBA, C#, C++, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET and Delphi, including source code of a full-featured FTP client written in .NET C# demonstrating all functions ...

IZArc Command Line Add-On  v.1 1


fixed: create archives on USB drive
added an option ($) to set custom temp directory
bug fixes, minor updates

added an option ($) to set custom temp directory

LS Archiver  v.2 5

LS Archiver contains all the basic features you would expect from a compression program / archive utility - you can read and extract from many different formats and you can also create archives in many different formats. What makes LS Archiver ...

PCFileBackup  v.

The program can save just simple file copies or create archives with standard ZIP extension. Backup data can be saved not only on your computer's drive, but also on any network drive or FTP server. Each backup session is created as a special task with ...

Comet MS loggers  v.

Application allows you to read, show, create archives, print and export records from selected datalogger or from file on computer drive.

Digitope Zip  v.2.50

Create both regular and secure AES encrypted Zip archives
3. Integrated with Windows Explorer to extract and create archives
4. Links with Outlook (2003, 2007, 2010), Windows Live Mail and other email clients to email archives with a single click

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional  v.3.70

It is even possible to use 3rd party tools to create archives or burn media. Hard Disk Sentinel can manage power status of remote computers in the network.In addition, Hard Disk Sentinel Professional provides a free trial for us but only can be free ...

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