Crashplan Pro Server


FontAgent Pro Server  v.1.1

FontAgent Pro Server optimizes, repairs and manages licenses for your font collection. It connects with Font Agent Pro clients and provides a complete font management system. It also lets you diagnose, repair, select, create font books, and design tools ...

PdfFactory Pro Server Edition  v.4.65

pdfFactory, pdfFactory Pro and FinePrint are available as Server Editions (SE) designed for use in a network environment. With hundreds of thousands of server based installations, SE is a proven solution for enabling PDF creation and efficient printing ...


ClickYes Pro Server Edition  v.3.0.2

ClickYes Pro is a tuning tool for Microsoft Outlook security settings. It allows to configure which applications can automatically send emails using Outlook and access email addresses stored in Outlook address list.ClickYes Pro is installed under a particular ...

SmsGate Pro Server  v.2 3

SmsGate Pro, the most user-friendly and effective software of the market.
An address book including mutual contacts of all the users as well as your personal contacts So, the received SMS which are especially for you will be only readable on your ...

AWARemote Pro Server  v.2. 1. 2003

aWARemote Pro is a WiFi remote control for Winamp®.

Main features:
-Playlist and basic editing
-Media Library
-access saved playlists in Winamp®
-Album Cover
-tracks are now in the correct ...

PDF Editor Toolkit Pro Server License

PDF Editor Toolkit is a library that can generate and edit PDF document, it supports most of the standard features of PDF file. With PDF Editor Toolkit, you can create PDF document from your program, PDF Editor Toolkit also allows you to easily append, ...

Quickmail Pro Server  v.3.5.4

QuickMail is an all-in-one-box POP3 email solution for companies that need easy, reliable and affordable email. In todayls competitive market, a reliable email program is a must for communicating with clients and co-workers, and staying on top of business.

Aquarius Soft PC Remote Shutdown Pro  v.7.0.5

Aquarius Soft PC Remote Shutdown Professional lets you instantly or automatically power up, shutdown and control your networked PCs from a central PC running the PC Remote Shutdown Pro Server software. With one button press, you can power up, shutdown, ...

WFTPD Pro  v.3 3

As the name implies, WFTPD Pro Server was derived from the code for WFTPD - and to this day, they both share a common underlying FTP and networking engine. WFTPD Pro Server, however, was designed to address the needs of people who are running more than ...

FileMaker Pro Advanced Updater  v.9.0v3

FileMaker Pro Server 5.0v3 Updater corrects a problem where the Remote Admin on Macintosh may return an error when attempting to open a file in a subfolder using the Open File feature. Site Moved...

CeeJay CrashPlan  v.3.8.2010

CeeJay CrashPlan for Apple Mac automatically encrypts and backups your data to the secure CeeJay Software data centres. Incremental backup allows for faster backup and restores by only processing recent changes to your data. Version control stores different ...

Web Photos Pro  v.1. 2. 2001

Web Photo Pro is the excellent utility for anyone who wants to arrange and manage all their digital images on the web, quickly and effortlessly. Arrange all your favorite images by creating web albums in just few minutes. The tool provides FTP facility ...

CeeJay CeeCurity for Mac  v.5.5.2003

CeeJay CeeCurity automatically encrypts and performs a secure online backup running on your computer, laptop or server protecting your data to three CeeJay Software data centres. With features such as version control, incremental backup, failure protection, ...

Net-Probe  v.

Net-Probe will work on :
- Windows 2000 Pro/Server;
- Windows XP Home/Pro;
- Windows 2003 Server;
- Windows 2008 Server;
- Windows Vista.

IToolabs Communicator  v.1.4.19

A handy address-book, stored on the server, easily allows you to manage your contact list that is always at hand.With ITooLabs Communicator you can easily:
1. make and receive calls;
2. manage calls (transfer, redirect, hold);
3. manage contacts;

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