Craigs List Search


Infowise List Search  v.1.5.2

Infowise List Search web part is a custom SharePoint web part that allows content searching in lists and document libraries.
The List Search web part enable two ways of searching: Simple Search and Advanced Search.
The Simple Search will display ...

Word Search II  v.1.2.2

You will be given a large grid which contains numerous letter tiles, and a word list will be placed on the right of the screen. The words may run horizontally, vertically or diagonally and from any directions, such as from right to left, from bottom ...


Panorama BackPacker  v.a0.85

It offers world map search, panorama list search, browse panoramas, thumbnail view of previous/next panorama, wide-screen view (780x340), a location map, QTVR navigation, content auto-update, and ambient sound.

CraigsJobs  v.

Browse jobs easily on craigs list. This simple application allows you to look up jobs on Craigs List in majory cities in the US. It also allows you to respond to posts that you find interesting.

Exiting Features:

* Browse jobs in your ...

Manga Melon  v.

"Free manga online

Feature list:

Source :
Streaming reader
Double Touch Zoom
Pinch and Pan Zoom
Update & Popular List
Search & Category" ...

Craigslist Search Multiple Cities Software  v.7.0

The user simply selects the location or locations and the keyword to search.

Craigslist Save Search Results As Text or HTML Files Software

Save Craigslist search results and the first homepage of each search result. Save results as a text file or an HTML file.

Abacuth Search the Web  v.2.00

Abacuth Search the web is a small floating window where you can enter words you want to send to a search engine. Results are displayed in your default web browser. You can search using predefined search engines, or using your own list (search engines, ...

PowerSearch  v.

Search files for one or more search terms at the same time via a very friendly interface. Optionally search subfolders too! Just point to the folder you want to search, provide a list of search terms, then select SEARCH. Results of your most recent ...

GooDelete  v.1.0

GooDelete helps Google Toolbar to clear all items in its search history. Use 'GooDelete History' to select a history item from the Google Toolbar search history list and delete it. This allows Google Toolbar users to retain useful keywords in the history ...

GooDelete History  v.1.0

Google Toolbar will clear all items in its search history. Use GooDelete History to individually select a history item from the Google Toolbar search history list and delete it. This helps Google Toolbar users to retain useful keywords in the history ...

Runningman Calendar  v.4.0.5

Address book, anniversary list, birthday list, and todo list included. Journal icon on each day. Automatically calculated holidays. Daylight savings automatically calculated. 10-day weather forecast based on your zip code. Real-time stock market update.

App Rating  v.

Did you know that your phone only shows application reviews for your current marketplace? (for example United States)
App Rating allows you to search for apps (and only apps - no music, movies intermixed with the results) and access app rating and ...

Nifty Shopper  v.

The Nifty Shopper provides access to 3 major retail company sites, online coupons and social deals in hopes of saving you some cash! Browse weekly adds, find local stores, enjoy a built in shopping list, search through online coupons and much more.

China Weather  v.

This Application just support Chinese,and the search city just support china city and you cant't input english, the search box just readroly,pls search the city from the city listbox and than click 'search' to find your city weather.In the input box you ...

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