Cow Liver


Cow-Calf 007  v.

The Cow-Calf 007 is a sophisticated program and does what you need a cow-calf program to do, but is very easy to use. Instead of hidden drop-down menus, this cow-calf manager has clearly marked buttons on the screens in plain view. The display screens ...

Cow-Calf Manager 007  v.8.64

The Cow-Calf 007 is a powerful productivity tool for improving profitability at your Cow-Calf operation. No limit to herd size, for small herds or unlimited size large herds. Easy to use, yet maintains complete and accurate records. Full picture pedigree ...


Crouching cow mountain screensaver

In this screensaver, you will see rustic scenery of crouching cow mountain. Just down the mountain is the biggest production base for pig leather in China. It looks tranquil inside the town, but it is the place where multi-billion dollars worth of business ...

Bone - The Great Cow Race  v.

It's spring fair time and The Great Cow Race is about to begin! Play carnival games. Write love poetry. Outsmart a really big bee. Cheat the locals out of their hard-earned eggs. Bang on some pots and pans. Escape from an angry mob. Oh, and dress up like ...

Cow Tossing  v.1 1

This is a very good game for you to play, when all you feel like doing is throwing a cow around

As the title says, the goal of this game is to toss a cow exactly into the middle of the meadow. If you manage to do that, your cow survives the ...

Cache Cow  v.0.6 Beta

Cache Cow can manage your Caches with this tool. A simple GPS navigation for Java phones best for geocaching, walking, bicycle, sport and others.
Cache Cow Features:
1. Sync with vlkGPS
2. Spider Caches from
3. Import of ...

Milk The Cow  v.

Have you ever milked the cow? Check how fast you can milk her and compete with your friends :)

Use all your fingers to do the magic!

Duck'n'Cow  v.

Turn it upside down to see the cow and hear it moo.

The application could be used at conferences and presentations. Show someone the duck when you like what he's telling. If you don't like it, give him a moo.

Plate Cow  v.

Paper Plate Cow is one of the easy paper plate type with the help of paper, plate, pen, etc.

Please give your feedback and rate this app.

Cow  v.

The cow has been a symbol of wealth since ancient Vedic times.
Here is small story about cow connected with Gods.

Angry Cow  v.

Angry Cow is a game where you have to make the cow angry, each time you do soemthing to annoy the cow you gain score. You poke, push and shake the cow. Try and get the biggest score you can.

Great fun to play with mates, see how can get the most ...

Catch That Cow  v.

The cow has escaped! Corral it into the truck for bonus points and to advance to the next round. How high can you get your score?

Tap the screen to put down a fence to block the cows path. Don't put it on top of the cow or the fence won't go ...

Tap That Cow!  v.

The farm is full! Tap the cow, make room for the other animals! Which one will you spare?

Train your finger and your eye to work together in this frenetic tap game.
Shake your phone to get more items, wait for the right time, and tap it!

Featuring ...

Bubble Cow  v.

Bubble Cow is a puzzle game . The objective of this game is to save the cow. Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color and kill them. Do not let the bubbles to cross the green line at the bottom of the screen or lose a life. You have only one life. You ...

Cow Smash  v.

Cow Smash is simple, fun and addictive game to play when you have 30 seconds spare

Chase the elusive white cow across the pastures and try to get the highest score possible

Once you've done that try and beat it :) There's nothing more ...

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