Counterstrike Source Version


SMP Seesaw Pro  v.1.0

SMP Seesaw Pro is a more powerful, open source version of SMP Seesaw.

Main features:

-Support for up to 32 CPUs

-Control processor affinities for system services

-Programmatic interface for C/C , Visual Basic, ...

IFC Exporter for Revit 2012  v.2 1

The open source version can override the version that comes standard with shipped Revit.The base version of the code here is based on R2012 UR1. The latest code is based on R2012 UR2. Feel free to ask any questions in the Discussion area, or download ...


EzSVCS  v.1 4

Do you think it is difficult to use a source version control system especially for firmware development or personal software development? For most source version control system you have to configure a server first, which is expensive and difficult. EzSVCS ...

Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction  v.2.0 Beta 8.4

The objective of Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction is to make available an open-source version of our Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction (MDR) software. MDR is a nonparametric alternative to logistic regression for detecting and characterizing nonlinear ...

MacCVSClient  v.1.10

A client for CVS, the open source version control system. It includes a mechanism to ensure conflicts are resolved before committing changes, support for RBL and AppleSingle storge of Mac OS resource files, and more. The new version adds simplified Import/Export ...

Daffodil DB- One$DB, a Java RDBMS  v.b4.1.beta

One$DB is Open Source version of Daffodil DB, a commercial Java Database. It is standards based, platform independent RDBMS that can be embedded into any application with minimal administration. One$DB is available in both Embedded and Network editions.

OS-OHIO  v.1.0

This project will attempt to create an Open Source version of IBM's Open Host Interface Objects (OHIO) specification. We will support AS400 5250 and IBM Mainframe OS390 3270 datastreams.

Skid On-Line  v.4

Skid On-Line is a web based open source version of the original Skid software used by Humanist Movement ...

Vetris  v.0.1.1

Vetris is an open source version of tetris. Vetris will be designed to run on many platforms. There will also be enhanced gameplay and multiplayer via TCP or UDP ability. The aim is for Vetris to run on any computer without installation.

Schema Version Control for Oracle (SVCO)

It's the integrated version control solution for Oracle database server schema objects! You can track all schema objects changes direct within Oracle database. No extra version control tool is required. You can go on and use your favourite IDE for Oracle ...

VBA Code Compare

Thus, you don't have to export the source code to a file for comparing and import the edited code back.

TortoiseGit  v.

Porting TortoiseSVN to TortoiseGIT, TortoiseSVN Git Version. It is porting TortoiseSVN to TortoiseGit. Version control is the art of managing changes to information. It has long been a critical tool for programmers, who typically spend their time making ...

CrosuS  v.1 79

CrosuS features hundreds of quality games, mods and maps for Half Life, Half Life 2, Counterstrike: Source, Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour, Battlefield 2, Doom 3, Quake I, Quake 3 Arena, Quake 4, Unreal Tournament, World of Warcraft, Civilization ...

Schema Visualizer for SQL Developer  v.2.0.0

Schema Visualizer allows you to create fully featured Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) based on any database which could be accessed with help of Oracle SQL Developer. Tables and views can be added to an existing diagram by dragging and dropping them ...

Schema Visualizer for Oracle SQL Developer  v.1.1.0

Allows you to create fully featured ERD. Schema Visualizer allows you to create fully featured Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) based on any database which could be accessed with help of Oracle SQL Developer. Tables can be added to an existing diagram ...

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