Coptic Hymn


Hymn Book Christian Screensaver  v.3.0

Download and enjoy the free Hymn Book 3D Christian Screensaver featuring some outstanding Christian animated visuals. The free Hymn Book 3D Christian Screensaver includes nearly 30 minutes of beautiful, CD quality Christian piano music, and now you can ...

Coptic Fonts  v.1 3

The Coptic language is the final stage of the development of the ancient Egyptian language (Hieroglyphic > Hieratic > Demotic and finally Coptic). This language is very important as the oldest Matthew's bible is in the Coptic language and huge amount ...


Marines' Hymn  v.

Just Some Apps is proud to present a little app for those who serve, or love someone who does/has, and want their ringtone to show it.

Music included in this app includes:

The Marines’ Hymn

The Star Spangled ...

USA Patriot

It animates an USA flag in 3D and plays a hymn. Show your patriotism with this free 3d animated screensaver. Takes you on a ride through space where you see stars come together and form the words 'God Bless America', and then pass by the Earth itself, ...

Funny Halloween  v.3.0

Festive sounds and solemn music become a hymn of your Funny Halloween! Bright up your desktop with free animated screensavers! Choose from various screensaver categories: 3D, Nature, Holidays, Animated, Special effects, Clock screensavers, etc. Our screensavers ...

Antioch  v.2 11

This add-on installs the support for typing in the Coptic, Hebrew and classical Greek languages. The add-on consists of three small toolbars, and each one is named according to the language for which it provides options. The program supports all diacritics ...

7000 Years Calendar  v.1.4.1

This software displays local time and date for chosen calendar (Julian, Gregorian, Indian, Ancient Egyptian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Hebrew, Islamic, Khayam, Persian, Slavic-Aryan) for various locations on Earth. It displays relevant holidays for each calendar ...

SDA Hymnal  v.

With the SDA Hymnal app you can use your WP7 for sing the hymn that you like.
In this app you will have a very fast and intuitive interface. Just type hymn number and click OK.

- Version 1.2
* Change background opacity for better ...

EnSPHymnXRef  v.

If there is not a hymn listed it is because it is not listed in the Spanish Hymnal. I tried to be as accurate as possible, but let me know if you find mistakes.

DurgaAarti  v.

Durga Aarti - The Hymn of Goddess Durga ...

Agpeya  v.

Agpeya is the Coptic prayer book of the Seven Hours. It contains the offices for the seven canonical hours used by the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, Egypt.

This is the same prayer book used by the Coptic Monks for hundreds of years. The ...

ABC Polaka  v.

ABC Polaka zawiera kompletny tekst Konstytucji Polski, hymn (z słowami lub samą melodią), the godło oraz mapę (poprzez Bing Maps). Aplikacja w dwóch wersjach językowych ​​- Angielskiej i Polskiej. Jako ciekawostka możesz użyć akcelerometru ...

Chaupai  v.

This is a fantastic application of chaupai which is also known as Benti Chaupai (also referred to as Chaupai Sahib) is a hymn by Guru Gobind Singh a famous sikh prayer.

Happy Halloween ScreenSaver  v.2.4

Festive sounds and solemn music become a hymn of your Happy Halloween!

Country Music Radio Toolbar

Country Music Toolbar - 100% FREE - listen to Country radio directly from browser. Listen and change stations as you browse the internet. Installs and uninstalls in seconds. Has a number of genres of Country Music, over a 100 great stations to choose ...

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