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C39Tools  v.4.0.0002

Print Code 39 barcodes in your favorite Windows or OS X application. Make Code 39 bar codes including Full ASCII Code 39 symbols using our barcode fonts and software.
C39Tools includes 27 different Code 39 fonts in TrueType and Type 1 PostScript ...

ASCII Decoder  v.

the ASCII decoder will convert characters to their ASCII code and vise versa.


Ascii converter  v.1.0

Convert ASCII to characters fast and easy. Ascii converter is a software written totally in C. It converts ASCII decimals into characters. Or words under 11 characters into ASCII decimal code.

Image To ASCII Image Converter  v.7.0

Image To ASCII Image Converter Software is a small program which allows you to obtain ASCII code from any picture you want.

It has a user-friendly interface, with few butttons, so that anybody can use it.

This program is very useful ...

ASCII Encoding  v.1.0

Create ASCII characters fast and easy. ASCII Encoding enable users to set the bits of a byte individually, showing the corresponding ASCII character.
The original ASCII code was a 7-bit code, being able to encode all characters of the English language ...

HTML to AnyCode Converter  v.2.0

convert HTML code to JavaScript and others ...

Character Board  v.1.0

Character Board is, as the name suggests, a simple, easy to use tool designed to display every ASCII characters containing in any font in keyboard layout and rest as list. You can use this application to view the ASCII Code of any character and and copy ...

MacASCII Display X  v.1.3.2

MacASCII Display will display the decimal ASCII code, hexadecimal code, and binary equivalent for any key you press. This can be especially useful for programmers. Plus, it can convert blocks of text to and from binary, hexadecimal, and decimal ASCII.

Delphi to C++ Builder

convert Delphi code segment to C++Builder.
This is a tools that convert Delphi code segment to C++Builder,it can carry out a majority of syntax conversions very simply!(The code in the function or procedure ,from "VAR" to last "EDN" )
Delphi ...


Best ASCII Art editor brand-new experience,More effective
function and tools.Easy design ASCII character art.
colored text mode.Character Animation.Many format file
export.many format image convert.ASCii Art Symbol library,
FigFont and ...

Convert2MS  v.

Convert2MetaStock can convert ASCII files to the popular MetaStock data format. The ASCII file can practically be in any file format. You can define how your ASCII source is structured, for example:
Which columns have which fields (date, time, open, ...

AbsolutePDF Spool - Base  v.1.0.0071

Convert ASCII spool files to PDF with a click! Just extract your documents as an ASCII file and feed it to absolutePDF-Spool to obtain a perfect PDF file in seconds.

Key2ascii  v.0.1

This simple software translates key pressings to ASCII codes.
Press any key on the keyboard to view its ASCII code
Clickon the text "ASCII" and drag to move the window to a desired place on your screen.

TextQuotes  v.1.0

TextQuotes is a small Java software to transform ASCII text, convert ASCII formatted market data to obtain results usable with your favorite charting utility.Requirements:
* Java ...

Asc2Silo file converter  v.0.3

a filter to convert ASCII data files into binary SILO files to use with the MeshTV visualization package.

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