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Computer door lock access software  v.1.0

This professional multi TCP port software enables Symcod Product Bridge IP to control users Door Locks Access. No programming or additional hardware required ! * Can control door lock access via the product Bridge IP (Symcod) * Support: RFID reader, Proximity ...

JAPSoft Remote Control  v.4.1

List of connected of JAPSoft Remote Control users lets you view the users connected to the server and forcibly disconnect individual users or all of them instantly.


Stop Software Installation Tool  v.

Main features:
- set the administrator password to prevent software installation, change program settings, uninstall the Stop Software Installation Tool;
- specify the list of rules with files masks to block certain file execution;
- define users who may or not to install programs on your PC;
- start the program in the hidden mode or with the tray icon;
- use the hot key to activate the program;
- control users activities ...

Database Change Management - dbMaestro  v.3.5.0

TeamWork's comprehensive Database Change Management solution provides: Collaborative and synchronized Team Development Policy Enforced Change Control Tracking of database schema and lookup table changes Auto rollback versions Deploy schema and data change-sets Auto documentation of changes (audit trail for regulation compliance - SOX404) Seamless integration with software configuration management tools Organize and improve the database development process Check-in / check-out database schema and content Synchronize team development work - no more code overrides Policy Enforced Change Control Users must check-out ...

Net Orbit  v.6.0

The administrator like IT managers can perform employee network monitoring, LIVE monitoring, view logged activity and control users computer right from your desktop. Under the LIVE monitoring features, it lets you view live screen of every employee or ...

ActiTIME  v.3.0

With actiTIME it is easy to:
(1) Use weekly timesheet for entering time & comments,
(2) Track working time on by-customer and by-project basis,
(3) Track time off & sick leaves, overtime & undertime,
(4) Get staff load in one click,
(5) Generate detailed reports, including overtime report,
(6) Use e-mail notification to control users' time track ...

Crypt-o  v.2.4.180

A flexible system of user account permissions allows you to control users access to the whole program, databases, folders or even individual records. Crypt-o can authenticate user accounts in Windows domain.

Every user action is ...

DAoC User Interface Editor  v.1 75

Control Viewer
Full support for creating new controls, editing existing controls and removing controls from windows.

Asset Viewer
Provides a listing of UI assets and a preview. Users can add, edit, and remove assets.

Abyss Web Server  v.2 6

1, CGI scripts, Server Side Includes (SSI), access control, users and groups management, partial downloads, caching negotiation, index files, directory aliases, customizable MIME types, custom error pages, and standard logging. It features also an easy ...

SharePoint Discussion Board Feature  v.1.0.63 Preview

Control users' capability to edit/delete posts per discussion board
22. Display relative timestamps (e.g. "Posted 2 hours 30 minutes ago")
23. Cross-browser
24. Multi-lingualRequirements:
* SharePoint Server ...

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013  v.1.0.0

This program will give you a complete set of tools that are needed to properly control users' email signatures on the server side. What's more, thanks to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 you will be able to control them without touching anything on the client ...

Foxit PhantomPDF Express  v.

5 OCoEnhanced PDF Access Control Users can better control the access to PDF documents by allowing users to encrypt/decrypt PDF files compliant with MicrosoftT« Active DirectoryT« Rights Management Services (AD RMS) 2.0, improving the security of ...

FACIO processes  v.2.2

The system allows Multilanguage user interface and precise user access control. Users have full comfort of the native windows application including drag&drop, working desktop and multiwindow mode. Processed workflows are completely documented and tractable.

Crawler Parental Control

Free for home and office use, Crawler Parental Control controls user activity on your computer. Easy to use, you can control children's or users' Web browsing, set access rights to software, hide folder content, schedule time limits for Internet and computer ...

Hattrick Control  v.3 14

Hattrick Control was born as a other managers complement in some aspects that they didn't cover very well (youth squad, training, ...). But now, with the users help, it is a program that try implement any Hattrick option. Hattrick Control is an assistant ...

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