Continuity Of Care Record


Edgar Degas Art

Bring Edgar Degas art to your desktop! Degas: the most brilliant master of line, noted for his psychology of movement and expression and the harmony of line and continuity of contour. The full version of this pack includes 170 high-quality images. A free ...

Calloway Premium Locator

Complete details from our entire network of
public record databases. Expert specialists select the best databases to get you results. Find out what you are
looking for with Calloway Preminum Locator immediately.Here is the best Online Business ...


Displacement Map

The plug-in implements a high quality Mip-Map interpolation method and keeps a continuity of fine details unchanged. The plug-in is supplied with a set of displacement maps. It is very useful for artistic image processing. The plug-in has a stylish, ...

Patient Tracker Pro  v.1. 5. 2001

Patient Tracker Professional is a robust, point-of-care charting application designed for clinicians who operate in any size outpatient environments. Patient Tracker Professional will run on a single laptop or Tablet PC all the way up to a server with ...

JoinLine  v.1. 9. 1930

However, sometimes text lines are wrapped before the end of the record. If these records always wrap to the same number of lines, then JoinLine can restore the wrapped records to single line records. For example - suppose a data set has fixed length ...

ChurchDB  v.4 3

This is an affordable Windows software that simplifies the management and maintenance of church record keeping as it relates to families and family members to track participation and progress in ministries, small groups, events, classes, giving and more.

BB DOALL  v.6 48

-Produce reports/labels/letters in any sort - for any records Create multiple labels of one record.
-Produce graphs with one click, incl. Bar, Line, Pie, 3-D, opposing ...

PHATsoft Taxi Accounting Software  v.1.7

Easy-to-use financial record-keeping program for taxi drivers, executive car operators, chauffeur drivers, private hire drivers etc. Keep a record of journeys and income.
Easy to use, basic functionality: does most of your record-keeping in a non-complicated ...

DBF Viewer Plus  v.1.69

It displays the table content, and allows in-row editing of the data as adding of new record. It also provides a basic search for table content, print support and export to CSV format.

Taber's  v.

Taber’s Medical Dictionary
21st Edition
from Unbound Medicine

Find the critical medical information you need quickly and easily, where you need it most… at the point of care. Including 30% more medical terms than any other app, Taber’s ...

Diagnosaurus  v.

from Unbound Medicine

This quick-reference tool helps healthcare professionals perform differential diagnosis with speed and confidence at the point of care. Used by hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses, and students across ...

ShowOff Widget  v.1.25

A small widget to display your uptime and keep track of the record uptime. Inspired by my screensaver ShowOff.This is my first attempt at creating widgets. Suggestions for improvements or entirely new widgets are more than welcome. A PHP Developer's Blog ...

33 RPM  v.1.1.0

In the past, a musician would learn a piece of music by adjusting the speed of their record player and then methodically practice along with the slower version of the song. 33 RPM brings a little back from a time of LPs and record players, just without ...

Long Term Care Insurance  v.1.1

Long tern care insurance provides you better future during the age increasing and you reaches to 60+ ages. The Long Term Care Insurance services provides long term care insurance to help pay for costs of care when enrollees need help with activities they ...

Service Record  v.

Service Record is a Microsoft Windows application that keeps track of your hours spent in the field ministry, the number of magazines, books, and brochures placed, and the number of return visits and studies held. Service Record has the ability to handle ...

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