Conduit Sizing


Conduit Buddy

Conduit Buddy is provided to install / uninstall Palm conduits flexiblely and conveniently. All application and system conduits are listed in the program, you may uninstall the garbage conduits with only a click! You may also install new conduits by files.

ISync Palm Conduit  v.1.2

About iSync Palm ConduitiSync Palm Conduit allows you to use iSync to synchronize contact and calendar information on your Palm OS Device and Mac OS Computer. You can use iSync 1.1 to synchronize Address Book contacts, iCal calendars and To Do information ...


Saravel Refrigerant Pipe Sizing  v.1.0

Saravel Refrigerant Pipe Sizing program designed by Saravel Corp. Design & Engineering Department , has following specifications:

1. Refrigerant Selection
2. Valves and Fittings Selection
3. Unit Conversion
4. Save entered data for ...

Emech Valve Sizing  v.1 5

Valve sizing is a small, user friendly utility developed by Emech Control Ltd.
Use the Emech valve sizing utility to make the most appropriate Emech Mixing Valve for your application.
The software needs you to input your plant info and will ...

SmartSYNC Palm Conduit Suite  v.1 14

SmartSYNC Palm Conduit Suite is the complete solution for synchronizing your Palm OS device with Novell GroupWise 5.5.x/6.x/7.x+. Data is synchronized in both directions, SmartSYNC synchronizes the Email, Calendar + Reminder Notes, Contacts and Tasks.

Eudora Conduit  v.0.4.7

Eudora Conduit can transfer email from Eudora to the mailDB on a Palm Pilot. You can select the specific account and mailbox respectively. QueueSoft Home.

MAL Conduit  v.1.0.4

MAL Conduit is a conduit for AvantGo. This conduit allows you to synchronize your Palm with AvantGo using Mac OS X. It is freeware and open source.If you have any questions or comments, please email me at the address listed in the Read Me document. Because ...

InstruCalc Instrument Sizing Suite -  v.7 1

InstruCalc calculates the sizes of control valves, flow elements and relief devices; produces data sheets for calculated items, and prepares instrument summaries and uses data sheets as a database for generating reports. InstruCalc allows any set of engineering ...

Remind-Me with Outlook Conduit  v.3 9

With Remind-Me you'll never forget an important
date again!

This package includes an Outlook conduit. This conduit
enables you to synchronize your events in Remind-Me with Outlook's calendar.
The conduit supports full 2-way mirror ...

Remind-Me with Palm Conduit  v.3 9

With Remind-Me you'll never forget an important
date again!

This package includes a Palm conduit. This conduit
enables you to synchronize your events in Remind-Me with Palm's Date
Book. The conduit supports full 2-way mirror image ...

IQue Conduit  v.1.1.1

iQue Conduit allows you to export tracks and waypoints from the iQue to your Mac during a HotSync operation. Data is exported in the standard XML-based GPX format and can then be brought into compatible GPS software. Software by Michael Thies.

Axidyne Sizing and Selection  v.4. 11. 2001

Tested and validated, right out of the box. One part number. One supplier. One order point. One quality-at-the-source contact. One LEAN way to go…with Axidyne by Tol-O-Matic linear actuators and motion control systems.Easy on the MRP/ERP eyes. Enter ...

Apple Mail Conduit  v.2.0.1

The mail of the of Mac OS X 10.2+ can be transferred to mailDB of Palm. This application can read mailDB with Palm. The mailbox of the can choose mail account and the mailbox respectively. QueueSoft Home.

KeyContacts Conduit  v.0.3.4

KeyContacts performs synchronization of the address data with "KeyContacts" of the Chapura company and Entourage v.X of Microsoft. QueueSoft Home.

Electrc 2011 Trial  v.1 2

A comprehensive suite of tools to perform your electrical design calculations:

- Box fill and sizing
- Lighting design
- Panel Directories
- Quick reference tables
- Custom conductors
- Detailed reports
- Full NEC Compliance
- Conduit fill
- Conductor ...

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