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Alagus Print Admin  v.4.0(build 1923)

0 is a complex software system for managing the entire print process in your organization. This product is the ultimate print-ruling solution, which means no less then satisfying all possible requirements of the print control software.

Alagus ...

Happy Fish Database Designer  v.5.6

Happy Fish is a complex software which allows users to design professional databases and SQL interogations. Making a complete and visual attractive entity relationship diagram (ERD) becomes a breeze, even for the less experienced users.Happy Fish is an ...


CoCut Standard 2011  v.7.0

CoCut 2011 is a complex software, which not always can be taken in use as desired without specialized knowledge.
CoCut is a plug-in for CorelDRAW and Illustrator. It empowers both programs with powerful cutting functions, so that no additional program ...

JAR  v.1.02

JAR is a complex software that can help you compress your files to single archives using state of the art technology. It is fast, strong, reliable, and has a rich set of features.
JAR has a similar command and option feature set to the PC archiver ...

PC Guard Software Protection System  v.6.00.0300

PC Guard is based only on complex software protection techniques and PC hardware details.

Hasslefree: PC Guard can by used by anyone, from absolute beginners to professional programmers. You can protect almost any kind of application without ...

SQLite Editor Software  v.7.0

The simplicity of this software can save you from hours of navigating complex software.

MySQL Editor Software  v.7.0

The simplicity of this software can save you from hours of navigating complex software.

Lauyan TOWeb  v.

) or create an e-commerce website, quickly, without programming or using any complex software for your pictures and without being left alone in front of a blank page with dozens of incomprehensible options.

CoffeeCup Flash Firestarter  v.6 7

No more struggling with expensive, complex software, with CoffeeCup Firestarter you will be making really cool Effects in a Flash ! With Firestarter you can add text, images, sounds, links, shapes; and control their motion, opacity, layer order and more.

JBL Risk Manager  v.8.4

Compare Portfolio Performance against any Index or security, easilyJBL Risk Manager is a complex software which allows users to analyze their money risk when making an investment. Automatic Position Sizing, Initial Stop and Trailing Stop exit price calculations, ...

Free Video Capture  v.2.2.5

This high performance screen recording software program helps create software demo to demonstrate complex software operations to someone remotely. You can record your operations as well as your narration into a demo video, and then send it ...

ProxyDesigner  v.

ProxyDesigner allows software developers to graphically create complex software designs, patterns, and architectures, and share those designs with other developers on-line. Completed or in-process designs may be published to the ProxySource community ...

Pageville shopping cart plug in for EasyWebEditor

Unlike conventional e-commerce solutions, there is no complex software to download and install (and then learn how to use), no server-side programming to do and no hassles.

Setup is fast and easy, as you can use your existing Web host and ...

Waves Diamond Bundle  v.7.0

Waves Diamond Bundle - a powerful and complex software package that provides you all the audio processing tools you need.

Search Engine Position Orb  v.2.0.2

We built it with you in mind, it's not a complex software to use or difficult to configuring.

Our cutting edge technology is built for the regular people, no need to pay exorbitant fees to SEO firms to tell you where your listings are. You ...

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