Complete The Objective


The Emperor's Mahjong

The objective is simple but captivating; match sets of tiles together to clear them from the board and advance through each level in a quest to be ranked Emperor!

Join the Dots  v.1.1.2

Help your little sister to complete the picture by joining the dots! When the game starts, you will be given the silhouette of a frog and numerous small dots marked with numbers. Click the dots according to the ascending sequence of the numbers to join ...


The Dots Game  v.1.0

The Dots Game is a simple strategy game where the objective is to defeat your opponent by completing the most squares. All you have to do is connect the fourth line to complete a square and earn a point. The first player to complete 33 squares wins.

SellFolio Complete

0 Complete; the easiest, fastest, coolest software for custom Flash websites and presentations... No programming! Create incredible Flash that looks like expensive custom design that usually costs thousands $. Step-by-step, just add photos, text, sound, ...

Liong - The Lost Amulets Deluxe  v.

Like in all mahjong games, the objective is to match free identical tiles in order to make them disappear from the board. The matching tiles are the ones, that have a free side (right or left) and have no tile covering them. The game includes two modes: ...

The General  v.

The objective consists in capturing the opponents' flag before they manage to capture yours. Basically, the battle takes place in a 10 x 10 square board, where both players start with forty pieces, each of them representing a different military ...

The Enigma  v.1 1

The overall gold is to complete the level with all available diamonds on the level. To get these diamonds you might need to move some of the rocks that is in your way. But be careful - it is possible that they might be in your way later on in the ...

The Missing Jigsaw  v.1 1

In this game can you will be given a jigsaw puzzle with a few missing pieces and a number of puzzle pieces, and you need to decide which of these pieces can complete the puzzle. The faster you complete the puzzle, the higher your score. As the game progresses ...

The EIP Template  v.2.0

The EIP Template is designed with the objective to add full template support for the Clarion Edit-in-place List box. You are not required to add any embed code to the implemented Edit-in-place functionality in your list box, as long as the functionality ...

PacMan in the office  v.1.0

The objective of the game is simple but certainly not easy. You have to clear each level of all dots (printers, mobiles, icons, pages, computers and more) while avoiding hazardous encounters with evil the monsters. While playing, you will be able to ...

Me Against The Dealer  v.

The objective of Me Against The Dealer (Blackjack) is for a player to come as close to 21 without going over, while still having a higher number than the dealer. Prior to receiving any cards, the player must place a bet. Once the bet is made, the player ...

Journey To The Top Free  v.

The objective is simple; retrieve the white flag.

Will you be the first to reach the white flag? Do you have what it takes? Find out when you play Journey To The Top: QFTWF

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Get the full version to ...

Journey To The Top  v.

The objective is simple; retrieve the white flag.

*****After you get the flag, JT3 gives you the option to take a screenshot. You can then post this screenshot on: to have your name included in the HALL OF FAME! *****

Will ...

The Simpsons Trivia  v.

A complete The Simpsons trivia game with over 500 question on all the Simpsons series and episodes

** Added new Leaderboard so you can showcase your knowledge **

Enjoy this Trivia game and show your friends how much you really know ...

Shoot on the Sight  v.

Shoot on the Sight is the addictive game where you can test your skill by shooting at enemies! The objective is shoot all the "bad guys"without letting them get away. Must never shoot the "good guys" Have fun!

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