Complete Piano Chord Chart Pdf


Piano Chord Helper  v.4 3

If you are trying to learn to play piano and/or keyboards you might find this tool very useful. Piano Chord Helper is a tiny application which only purpose is to show the user the correct keys to play when using a chord.
You can see it as a chord ...

Guitar Chord Chart Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to create a library of guitar chord diagrams. The software contains 611 preset chords. The user simply selects a chord from the list in the left hand pane and then sets the pitch and the software automatically ...


Guitar Calculator Pro  v.4.0.0012

It has got both the guitar chord chart as well as the scale chart. This valuable resource provides a very effective environment to make its users learn the chords and scales across the entire fretboard. Guitar Calculator Pro is a compact application ...

Jazz Scale Suggester System Lite  v.3 4

Your entire jazz chord chart is evaluated, not just single chords in isolation.
The program explains relationships amongst the scales, such as how one scale leads into another.

You can either manually enter chords or import ...

Pdf995 Printer Driver  v.11.3

The pdf995 Suite of products is a complete solution for your PDF creation and document publishing needs, offering ease of use, flexibility in format, and industry-standard security. And all at no cost to you. Pdf995 is the fast, affordable way to create ...

PianoChordTrainer  v.1.0

The Piano Chord Trainer program is the ultimate tool for learning piano chords. With more than 50 chords in all invertions and keys it will take you months to explore and learn all possible combinations.

Use it as a chord dictionary. Select ...

Simply Chords  v.

Simply a really cool chord chart searcher for guitars on your Windows Phone. Totaly awesome, easy-to-use and includes a quality selection of carefully chosen chords!

- Find chords in style...only on Windows Phone
- Zoom in for the fullscreen ...

Strummer  v.

Compose a song from a selection of guitar chords and play it on your phone! Strummer has a selection of 140 chords to choose from; a chord chart and sound effect is provided for each. After stringing together a chord progression, you then tap you phone ...

IQ Piano Chords v2

IQ Piano Chords v2 now with sound. We bring you a new enhanced free chord picker available any time on your mobile phone. This new version can play the notes of the selected chord. This way, if you're a musician, you can even tune your guitar or violin.

Disable PDF Document Rights  v.2.0

I have a PDF file that I want to lock with security and disable PDF document rights. Can I do it without damaging the original PDF file? Try PDF Locker, most appropriate tool to disable PDF rights and permissions of batches of PDF files in a single go.

A-PDF Number Pro  v.5.1

A-PDF Number Pro is a professional desktop utility program that lets you batch add page number to Acrobat PDF documents.

With A-PDF Number Pro, you can customize your page numbers anywhere on the page, specify the style of page numbers, define ...

A-PDF N-up Page  v.5.0

A-PDF N-up Page (PDF imposition) is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you to batch make creating N-up (2-up, 4-up etc…) imposed PDF files as easy as drag-and-drop, It combinesrearranges PDF pages onto larger (or custom size) ...

A-PDF OCR  v.5.2

A-PDF OCR is a fast desktop utility program that lets you OCR scanned PDF paper books and documents into editable electronic text files fast and easily. A-PDF OCR has a build-in rich text editor which allows you to edit ocr result text without MS Office.

A-PDF Preview and Move  v.3.3.5

A-PDF Preview and Move is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you real-time rename and move your multiple PDF document to specified directory while previewing them, with A-PDF Preview and Move, you can rename PDF file based on previewed ...

A-PDF to Video  v.3.9

If you have a lot of PDF presentation, turn them into a dynamic slideshow. A-PDF To Video will help you to create video files MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and self-running executable files and then burn them on CD or DVD. Created files can be viewed on DVD video ...

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