Comodo Programs Manager


Startup Programs Manager  v.1.0

Manage your startup programs with this utility. Startup Programs Manager Helps users add new applications to startup menu or remove existing ones.

AnVir Task Manager Portable  v.6.7.1

AnVir Task Manager Portable Features:
1. Monitor processes, services, startup programs; replace Task Manager
2. Get rid of spyware and viruses that your antivirus missed
3. Enhance and tune up your operating system
4. Speed up your ...


RegistryFix Mantra  v.5 4

Supported with BHO Manager, Add Remove Program Management and Startup Programs Manager, RegFix Mantra provides total security.

Smadar  v.

Smadar incorporates two programs: Manager and Viewer.
1. Smadar Manager is a management program, intended for scanning stations.
2. Smadar Viewer is an end-user search and view software for the archived documents.How does it work?
1. Special ...

Chameleon Startup Manager Pro  v.

Chameleon Startup Manager Pro is a Windows startup manager that accelerates Windows startup, ensures that the operating system is more stable. It disables any startup programs and fully controls startup by selecting the programs to be launched, while ...

AnVir Startup Manager  v.6. 3. 2001

AnVir Startup Manager is an award-winning solution that controls programs that run on Windows startup, removes Trojans, and speeds up computer. Monitor services and startup programs that run on Windows startup. Get rid of spyware and viruses that your ...

Emsa WinStartup Manager  v.1.0.45

Emsa WinStartUp Manager is a tool that will help you control the list of programs that startup with your Windows. You can enable or disable any program that automatically runs at window startup, both through system registry settings or system startup ...

AltMove manager

Small and easy-to-use mouse enhancement manager. Can move and size windows which do not support this ability Can change opaque of windows. Can hide and show windows. Runs programs from everywhere. Assigns mouse-key combinations to menu items. Emulates ...

WinStart Manager  v.3.3.0

WinStart Manager is an easy to use startup manager for Windows which gives you a 360 degrees vision on what programs and applications run at windows start time.

You know that after using your computer for months and installing new applications ...

Drive Security Manager

Drive Security Manager allows you to apply several security settings to drives including removable devices (USB flash drives, memory sticks, etc.), Floppy and CDDVD-ROMs. You can hide drives content; hide executable files (malware, trojan programs, autorun.

Comodo Cloud Scanner  v.2.0.162151.21

Comodo Cloud Scanner (CCS) is an easy to use tool that quickly and accurately identifies malware, viruses, suspicious processes and other problems with your computer. It harnesses all the scanning power of Comodo Internet Security and Comodo System Cleaner ...

Chameleon Task Manager  v.

Chameleon Task Manager is a replacement for Windows task manager that enables the complete control of processes running on a computer optimizing the performance of Windows. It also provides more detailed information about programs.

Why use ...

Chameleon Task Manager Lite  v.

Chameleon Task Manager Lite is a replacement for Windows Task Manager with the following main features:

Memory optimizer
Detailed information about programs (You can view the resources of the program (icons, texts, etc), loaded libraries, ...

SterJo Task Manager  v.2.7

SterJo Task Manager software is designed to manage all the running processes, services, total processes that use Internet, and registry programs. You can kill or terminate any running process or can set its priority high, low, medium, etc.

Chameleon Task Manager Pro  v.

Chameleon Task Manager Pro is a replacement for Windows Task Manager with the following main features:

Automatic optimization of software performance with customizable settings for every program (7 parameters are controlled)
Thus you can ...

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