Combined Heat And Power


Sampsize - sample size and power  v.0.6.0

Sampsize computes sample size and power for surveys, comparative studies including non-inferiority trials and case-control studies.

Power Plan Chooser  v.1.0.3730

Power Plan Chooser is a small application written in C#. It runs in the notification area and allows you to quickly switch between the three standard Windows 7 power plans (Balanced, High performance and Power saver). The icon will change color based ...


Seltec Track and Field  v.1.0.0552

Seltec Track & Field is a comprehensive evaluation program for the stadium, combined events and team competitions. Because of the extremely simple operation, it is very easy for beginners to learn.

It can be used for evaluation for small competitions ...

AMD Power Monitor  v.

AMD Power Monitor is used to monitor the current frequency, voltage, utilization, and power savings of each core of each processor in a system.AMD Power Monitor is used to monitor the current frequency, voltage, utilization, and power savings of each ...

Power Status  v.1.1

Power Status is a sidebar gadget to view your current battery status and power profile. This gadget includes the features of the normal battery status Gadgets the possibility of the current power profile to switch quickly. There have also been minor changes ...

Active Power Manager  v.1.0

In a matter of seconds you can set the options (like time and power state). It supports several power states that can be triggered with several different timers.

Html2Xhtml  v.1 1

Html2Xhtml, combined with the power of LINQ to XML, is an excellent tool for all large-scale data extraction and web crawling scenarios.
A stream filter that converts HTML to XHTML. It is able to correct many common errors in input HTML.

Cascade Screensaver  v.1.0

Don't you just love watching waterfalls?
They are a great display of beauty and power combined.
Do you prefer a gentle cascade in the middle of the jungle?

Cascade Screensaver will bring a relaxing waterfall to your desktop.

Rembrandt's Art Collection  v.1.0

Bring the art paintings of Rembrandt van Rijn to your desktop! No artist ever combined more delicate skill with more energy and power. Rembrandt is known as a Baroque painter of light and shade and as an artist who favoured an uncompromising realism.

D-Box  v.2.3

By using DosBox as its back-end, combined with Java power, it provides the most compatible and capable emulating of MS-DOS on any modern operating system (Windows, MacOS X, Linux, BSD). Dust off your old floppies, and bring back the fun.

Unit Converter for Excel

The units are grouped in the following categories: Dimensions and capacity, Energy and power, Mechanics, Hydraulics, Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, Light and sound, Radiation.

Play Pool

Calculate the angle and power the power behind that cue of yours if you want to make any
points at all. Every ball you miss will get you far behind in terms of points. You have to try it now. It doesn't get any
closer to a real pool feeling ...

StruCalc  v.8.0.106

The intuitive interface combined with the power to design multiple span members using steel, wood, flitch beams or manufactured lumber propels StruCalc ahead of the competition.

StruCalc Features:

* Steel Angle design-braced or ...

CpuIdle  v.

10 is a CPU cooling and power management software.

The programs enhances the CPU cooling, decreasing CPU temperature, enhancing stability and giving you more margin for overclocking.

CpuIdle achieves all this by shutting down CPU ...

Flash Optimizer (Lite Edition)  v.1 16

It inherits all the same potential and power of Flash Optimizer, but allows even beginners to optimize their files without spending time on making decisions of which optimization parameter you should or should not use. This is like "click-and-optimize" ...

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