Colour Combination For Gate


EURP OntoLookup for GATE  v.0.2

The EURP OntoLookup is a CREOLE plugin for GATE which uses an OWL ontology for lookup. It has a very fast implementation based on a tree of hash maps.

Colour Combination  v.

Developed by MSP Malaysia - WPTwo

You can tap either one rectangle to change it’s colour. You can see the combination of colour in the rectangle.


TBLTools plugin for GATE  v.1.2

TBLTools is a set of GATE processing resources that implements the Fast Transformation Based Learning Algorithm. You can train it to learn rules for NLP tasks such as Named Entity Recognition and Shallow parsing.


The DIGITAL COLOUR ATLAS is a complete package for your work with colour.

You can compare colours and colour systems, calculate harmonies, match colours. There were measured 200,000 colour samples for this software.

In a few seconds ...

Tikkurila Colour Planner  v.6. 3. 2001

Colour your own pictures with the Tikkurila Colour Planner program
Home painters and paint professionals have for ages wanted a colour design program that would permit the customer to try various colour combinations for his/her own indoor or outdoor ...


In this game you need to destroy magnets by connecting 3 or more magnets of the same colour together. For two magnets to be connected, the north pole of one magnet must be connected to the south pole of another. Use the mouse to click a magnet and rotate ...

ScanTool  v.9. 1. 2001

AutoEnginuity's Scan Tool is a hardware and software combination for Windows PC, Windows Pocket PC 2003SE/2005, and Windows Mobile 5/6 compliant PDAs, and Palm computing devices.
AutoEnginuity's Scan Tool was designed to be as easy to learn-as it ...

Trust Easy Webscan 19200  v.1 1

48 bits colour scanning for optimal results.
Scan, e-mail, OCR and copy function with direct access buttons.
No need for separate adapter, completely USB powered.
Connects directly to your USB port, so no interface card needed.

MRO  v.5 4

MRO is a Task Tray Icon/Background Process combination for reopening the Most Recently Opened folders you opened with Explorer. Install it to start when Windows starts and forget about it! To get back into the Folder you just closed, right click the Tray ...

Phylo_win  v.2.0

Phylo_win is a graphical colour interface for molecular phylogenetic inference. It performs neighbor-joining, parsimony and maximum likelihood methods and bootstrap with any of them. Many distances can be used including Jukes & Cantor, Kimura, Tajima ...

QuickRun Freeware  v.

It provide possibility run applications via 2 hotkeys - open QuickRun window and then combination for specified application. You do not need even press Enter - QuickRun waits for specified period (by default 0.5 sec) and start application.
QuickRun ...

Color Seizer  v.2.07

A colour picker for programmers. It allows you to capture a colour from anyway on the screen. Colours selected or picked are displayed in HTML, Delphi, Visual Basic and C++ formats to be used in those languages. Also in RGB and HSL. The codes obtained ...

Neopocott  v.0.5.1

Neopocott is a Neo Geo Pocket Colour emulator for the Macintosh. While compatibility is quite limited at present, this emulator is rapidly developing, and hopefully it should run all the available software in the not too distant future. Additional features ...

MLSwitcher  v.2

MLSwitcher allows user to assign individual modifiers combination for every input language. It makes switching between input sources context-less and thus more efficient.


This programme displays the colour values of the 210 RAL CLASSIC colours in different variations. RAL makes high demands on the quality of the colour values.
The HLC and La*b* coordinates were measured spectrophotometrically. The CMYK colour-values ...

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