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Color Style Studio exterior paint colors  v.2.22

Select interior and exterior paint colors that you will love, its fun game with Color Style Studio. Using our software it is possible to visualize anything, from your home to your car, in any color at all. Spread wings of your imagination that has no ...

Color Cross  v.

The idea is to fill the canvas by painting the correct cells with the appropriate colors. You have to follow the clues given by the numbers on the top and left-side of the grid, and paint cells by dragging the mouse over the right ones. If you paint ...


Pick n Color  v.

Just pick a drawing, pick a color and paint. Kids can save and share their painting with friends.

Your kids can choose from our many colors and paint one of the many drawings we offer. There are a lot of nice drawings for kids that they will ...

Color Changer  v.1.0

Color Changer enables to present the color variation of your product on a website in a simple way. Features: - XML interface - easy to embed in cms / ecommerce solution - Customizable using the provided .fla file - Customizable using the config.xml - ...

Color Style Studio (paint color schemes)  v.2.37

If you're a professional involved with painting, decorating or color design, you need Color Style Studio!

Color Style Studio enables you to select color schemes using photo of real objects such as house interior or exterior and more! Choose colors from Behr, Benjamin ...

PDAcraft Paint  v.1.2.0

You can use one of 16 millions of colors.

Paint is a drawing tool you can use to create simple drawings. This program is similar to well-known desktop program Paint. Unlike desktop version, PDA version is more comfortable, because you can ...

In Living Colors  v.

The 'In living colors' game is about colors and coloring books as you could imagine from its name. This cute and fun game, even when it's pretty easy to play will keep you very entertained.
The main characters of the game are the paint drops. What ...

Picture Paint CS5  v.5.0

Picture Paint CS5 is specifically designed to enable users to create their own diagrams, images and scenes. This Picture Paint Software puts together a lot of the things.

To this end there are Main menu items, arranged down the left hand side ...

Liquid Paint and Screensaver  v.

FREE fully functioning Trial Version

Liquid Paint is a finger paint program that has a cool screen saver.

PAINT in the screen with one, two, three or up to four fingers!. Just touch the screen, draw, and see the beautiful and peaceful ...

Toddler Paint  v.

My son always had to ask me to change colors on all the existing kids paint apps, and all of them were filled with drop downs and menus for confusing settings that are difficult for little ones to figure out. So I designed my own and had my son test it ...

Paint Me  v.

Paint Me is made for kids to know about colors. By painting different colors with their imagination, kids can have lots of fun and traint creativeness.
Contract me: ...

Paint box jr.  v.

Paint Box Jr. provides children with a basic set of 12 colors and a brush to paint pictures on your phone. The brush size can be changed with a simple swipe of a fingertip. Controls are simple, intuitive and easy to use. Your creations can be saved to ...

Hypnotics Colors Screensaver  v.1.0

3 Amazing Hypnotics Colors scenes.
High quality image and effects.
High quality music.

Ultimate Paint

Flexible brush handling similar to what Deluxe Paint had. Multiple Undo/Redo, total control over file parameters, save optimization panel to optimize JPEG, PNG and GIF images, batch image conversion, more than a hundred stunning plug-in filters and effects.

Video Guide to Paint Shop Pro X

Video-book for Paint Shop Pro users dramatically speeding up your study. Tutorials are illustrated with 60 movie clips (total running time: 2 hours). The book takes you by the hand and shows you around Paint Shop Pro, allowing you to combine all possible ...

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